Casual Recycle

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  1. Tyriax New Member

    Card Drawing
    4xHowling Mine
    2xAnvil of Bogardan
    2xUrza's Bauble
    1xHorn of Greed

    3xEnlightened Tutor
    1xSterling Grove

    Mana Production
    4xLlanowar Elves
    4xFyndhorn Elves
    4xSeeker of Skybreak
    4xQuirion Elves
    2xPriest of Titania
    2xVine Trellis
    1xRofellos, Llanowar Emissary
    1xLotus Petal

    1xEnergy Bolt
    1xVolcanic Geyser

    Other Stuff
    4xJunk Diver
    4xTormod's Crypt
    3xClaws of Gix
    2xCapashen Unicorn
    2xFires of Yavimaya
    2xGaea's Touch
    1xSoldevi Digger
    1xFeldon's Cane
    1xAura Shards
    1xShield Sphere
    1xMox Emerald

    1xShivan Oasis
    1xElfhame Palace

    I know it's an oversized beast of a deck, but it's a lot of fun to play with. For me anyway, nobody likes playing against it, unless it's a duel and they're running heavy counterspells, but for multiplayer, it's great. By fourth or fifth turn, I should have out enough card drawing to hit one of the two recycles or a tutor for it. After I drop a recycle, I usually end up killing everyone before the end of my turn that turn. And with the digger/vitalize/elves aspect of the combo, it doesn't matter how many times someone says no to burn spell, it can come back and I can hit them with the same spell they countered. Dissipate hurts this deck, as well as lobotomy, which is why I've tried to use several different cards that serve the same purpose, so that it will take multiple remove from games to stop the combo. I try to play this against unsuspecting people only, since once you know how the deck works, you use everything you've got to stop me.
  2. lilpinhead Cry Baby CPA Member

    ok, so what exactly is this combo thing? kil before the end of your turn ehhh? how..gimme a typical draw and play by play type thing for your kilings... (im the dumb one)

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