Casual Hall of Fame Nomination: Shadowmoor

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Time for Shadowmoor!. Post 'em and the reasons here! Nominations end Monday, 11/2 at 7:00 AM EST.

Committee members: Spiderman, Oversoul, turgy22


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Okay. Shadowmoor's main feature: allied colored hybrid and "double colorless hybrid". Secondary features: -1/-1 counters (as opposed to lorwyn's +1/+1 counters). Tertiary feature: color matters (as opposed to class matters). And then some stuff that shows the above: wither, persist and conspire. A good representative of the set should have (some of) these features, and it needs flavor.

So that leaves us with a couple of contenders: Wort, the Raidmother and Giantbaiting (because giants are cool right?). Then, some cards worth considering: Kitchen Finks (with flavor), Murderous Redcap (goblins used to be cool). There are more cards, the demigod cycle, the aura cycle and the hatchling cycle. The aura cycle and the demigod cycle are strong, the hatchling cycle not so much. The demigod cycle doesn't really showcase multiple of the set's features, and I don't feel the other two cycles are really appealing. Then there are more cards that do showcase some features (prominently hybrid mana... pfff) but aren't pushing the set's mechanics. Cards like Sygg. And some cards that are just downright cool, like Necroskitter and Valleymaker.

One thing though: Reaper king is not worthy of the hall. The card is unmistakably cool, but it offends one of the main themes of the set: it makes race matter. It's a funny exception in the set though.

So I'm nominating Wort, the raidmother. It's a tough choice between Wort and Giantbaiting, because I'd rather have Giantbaiting in a deck than Wort. But I think Wort has more appeal to a broader audience, and a legend is cool anyway.


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Thanks. I forgot about this 'cause no one nominated anything until just now!

C'mon people! I'll keep it open until next Monday, 11/09.


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Shadowmoor had a great deal of cards I would not mind to see on this list. Wort has already been nominated, so I'll list some others.

Dramatic Entrance (This sounds like it was originally in an Un-set. Great on flavor)
Enchanted Evening (Not gonna win, but very interesting)
Isleback Spawn (and the others of the cycle of "from out of the hideaway lands" creatures)
Manamorphose (Helps fix you in multiple decks. Not really casual, but I wanted to point it out)
Mirrorweave (VERY fun to play with)
Reaper King (because it's so ridiculous)
Smash to Smithereens (Love the name)

Swans of Bryn Argoll: This is my nomination. Even though this was seen in a few former tier 1 tournament decks, I still believe this is a casual card at heart. Swans' ability to change damage into card drawing is one of the most original concepts I've seen in years. Of course, card-drawing engines can be exploited (and it was), but Swans is in so many other decks (casual included) that don't exploit Seismic Assault. I don't think it will win (since the Cascase Swans deck could create a no-fun situation where your opponent sits there while you keep going and going and going), but I think this card warrants nomination.

Ransac, cpa trash man


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Oona, Queen of the Fae

I think it is a strong card. Both aspects of the ability are very interesting and flexible. A lot of different ways to go with this card.


I agree with Oona. She's quite fun to play with, but I had a TON of fun with Reaper King. I'm going with Reaper King.


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Final nominations:

Shabbaman: Wort, the Raidmother
Ransac: Swans of Bryn Argoll
Melkor: Oona, Queen of the Fae
theorgg: Reaper King

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