Casual Gold Anty Fires

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    First off I'm on a gold deck kick. This deck is based around a G,R,W gold deck which had 20 lands 1 artifact & 39 gold cards.

    This deck has had put in to it the cards which I think fires decks seem to dislike, on the instant sorcery side of things. Not to sure on the creature side of things. I'm still working on this deck, I've not done the lands for it yet, got to find my land box this evening. This deck will be played for the first time tomorrow.
    Basic rule of deck, casual player so casual deck, if a cards not main stream I'll keep it in as it is more of a suprise. As much of the deck as possible is to be gold cards or artifacts.
    The deck is w u g type 2

    2x Distorting Lens
    4x Llanowar Knight
    2x Heroe's Reunion
    4x Quirion Dryad
    4x Counterspell (swap for alt cost ones as I remember what they are called)
    2x Aura Mutation (please play a sap burst)
    4x Meddling Mage
    4x Armadillo Cloak (sorry but any deck with white green has to have these if I'm the builder)
    4x Dualing Grounds (so fires lets you attack quickly with all the other creatures! You sure?)
    2x Noble Panther (May swap for the wU 3/3 flyer)
    2x Lashknife Barrier
    2x Cloud Cover
    2x Voice of All
    2x Teferi's Moat

    Lands at least 2x the correct lare, the two comes in tapped duals, 4x Cities of Brass

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