Casual Dimir Deck



Just wanted to post a Dimir deck that totally rocked during a recent casual multiplayer game.

CircuComingToTown.dec said:
Creatures (21)
4x Blizzard Specter
3x Circu, Dimir Lobotomist
4x Dimir Infiltrator
1x Doomsday Specter
1x Haunting Apparition
4x Lurking Informant
4x Marsh Crocodile
Spells (19)
2x Barrin's Spite
3x Clutch of the Undercity
4x Consult the Necrosages
4x Recoil
2x Spinal Embrace
4x Dimir Signet
Lands (20)
10x Island
10x Swamp
The basic idea was to build a deck around Circu, so as many UB spells as possible. The Marsh Crocodile and the Doomsday Specter give you a limitless supply of those.

It's a bit light on land for my taste, but has worked fine so far.

Cards I missed? That really fit the deck? LET ME KNOW!


Well, those could work (for instance, to find Circu) but using that ability isn't playing a spell. So if I have a Circu on the table, I would rather just play a multicolor spell instead of having to look for it.

I could try Perplex (counter target spell unless its controller discards his/her hand) because it is multicolor and has a cc of 3.


I understand playing the cards as well - but there are times you need to find something, and you really can't wait for it to come to you...

Utility is key...