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How about approaching it by set..... Like the casual cards from Alpha/Beta/UL, Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends, The Dark, Fallen Empires, Ice Age, Alliances, Homelands, ... (I am shocked I came up with that list straight outta my head... what a damn loser - of course I'm a bigger loser if I forgot a set in there and think I had the complete list in chronological order)

I think we should do more up front though since we have such a large card base to evaluate... start off with one a week... Of course I do want a bit of an accepted definition for a "casual" card... I know this is a classic question which has had much debate... but in order to make a list of casual cards, the first objective may be to agree on a definition...

I propose that a casual card is either (1) a card which you wouldn't see in many tournament decks, but is not so useless that no one would use it at all; or (2) a card which is so odd, that someone builds a casual fun deck around it, just for fun, i.e. it inspires someone to force a use out of it.

I nominate Raging River as a "casual Card" from A/B/U... It would be fun to play with, but not tournament quality.


And along those lines, I nominate Mana Barbs.....should fit the criteria stated....and a more fun/casual card I cannot think of myself....

evan d

Select a submitted card that best defines defines the term casual amongst yourselves.

I think there have been some great user created ones. the force of will smith, or things like the umezawas ****te, or more realistitc things like the Gaea cards


Thought we were looking at A/B/U cards? (Alpha/Beta/Unlimited)

I liked the idea of one for each set,

Plus, once we go through one time, we can start over again, maybe even try to build a deck out of casual cards of the month (after enough are selected...)

Or even, get all the cards (once again, after enough are selected) and have a casual draft....

Or am I going too far with this?

Killer Joe

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Is this for the CPA Casual Card List? If so, then let the selection committee choose how they want to run it. If this is your own casual card list then I suggest calling it:
The BIG BLUE CC List :p

I second the nominataion for Raging River!


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Okay, we're gonna go with one card per set, starting with Alpha/Beta/Unlimited. A person gets one card per set and you can change it until the nomination process closes (which I think will be Sunday, 3/12 midnight EST? I just thought that up - the committee will talk about that too).

So far we have:

BigBlue: Raging River
DarthFerret: Manabarbs
Oversoul: Chaos Orb
Ransac: Two-Headed Giant of Foriys
Mooseman: Raging River
Mikeymike: Howling Mine
Zigathon: Black Vise
WickedBoy6: Dingus Egg


Will we have a chance to discuss/defend our nominations. Would love a chance to support my (or even anothers) nomination!


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My rationale for Two-headed Giant of Foriys.

This card isn't nominated for it's playable purposes, though it is a nice creature. To me, this card represents the format that was made popular through casual circles: Two-Headed Giant. In fact, that format is the ONLY format, besides Type 2 constructed, that I've done well at. AND, I credit that success to the casual aspects of the format. Two players teaming up with a theme in mind and defending each other shows the ideal of comradarie(crap, where's my dictionary?) that I hope to find in a casual format.

Besides that argument, the name itself is quite hilarious to me. I don't know how anyone else pronounces "Foriys", but I pronounce it "Four-Eyes". I think that's the case, and I may just not be aware that it's an obvious pronunciation, but I still find it hilarious that a two-headed giant be from a place called "Four-Eyes".

Briefly on the actual playability of the card. It's a 4/4 trampler for 5 mana, which only 1 has to be specified. That's not bad, to me!

And last, its casual playability. What does every casual player hope for (BESIDES showing off that hard to think of, rather cool combo they've developed). They which to draw out a game longer, since playing the game is all that matters (OKAY, winning is cool, too). Let's say you've got little life and no creatures and are being stared down by two creatures that can end the game. You top-deck this random buddy that blocks both of them.

Please induct this icon as the first CPA Casual Card.

Ransac, cpa trash man


(If anyone saw my earlier arguement which lasted less than a minute... I apologize for it's errors - I made a rather elegant, but ficticious arguement based on the Oracle wording and a misread by myself...)

I agree with Ransac that the 2 headed giant should be included as a casual card.

I've never owned a Raging River - having re-read the card, I still like it, and for it's time it would have been a good casual card. If it had also included Flying defenders as well it would be a much better card. A later red card which replaced it in my view (Goblin War Drums) is a vastly superior card with the similar effect of reducing blockers allowing others to pass freely. Therefore I cannot argue for the Raging River at this time (had the original text been closer to the oracle wording I would have argued vehemently for it - on the basis of it being an early multi-player friendly card).

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