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  1. Landkiller CPA Menace

    Ritual Centerpiece 0
    Tap, Remove target spell card in your graveyard from the game : Add 1 mana of a color of that spell to your mana pool.

    Spellblade 3
    Artifact - Equipment
    All spells cost 1 more to cast. When a spell is cast put a power counter on Spellblade.
    Equip X (X is the converted mana cost of equipped creature.)
    Equpped creature recieves +1+0 for each power counter on Spellblade.

    Unstable Core 5
    T : Add 1R to your mana pool.
    T, RRR, Sacrifice Unstable Core: Unstable Core deals 5 damage to each creature and player.

    Forge of Purification 5
    T : Add 1W to your mana pool.
    T, WWW, Sacrifice Forge of Purification : Remove all creatures and enchantments from the game. Each player gains life equal to the number of cards they control removed from the game in this way.

    Corrupted Nexus 5
    T : Add 1B to your mana pool.
    T, BBB, Sacrifice Corrupted Nexus : Search your library for any card. Lose life equal to the converted mana cost of the card, then play it for free. Play this ability as a sorcery.

    Dimensional Nimbus 5
    T : Add 1U to your mana pool
    T, UUU, Remove Dimensional Nimbus from the game : Take an additional turn at the end of this turn.

    Summoner's Stones 5
    T : Add 1G to your mana pool.
    T, GGG, Remove Summoner's Stones from the game : Search your library for a creature card, and put it into play.

    Sorcerer's Skull 3
    Each upkeep pay 3 life or remove Sorcerer's Skull from the game and each player loses 3 life.
    1BU, T: Choose 3 cards in each players' graveyard. Each player discards 3 cards, then returns the chosen cards to their hand.

    Mage's Greenhouse 4
    UU, T : The player that controls the most creatures draws a card.
    GG, T : The player that has the most cards in hand puts a 3/3 Plant token into play.

    Artifact Land
    T : Add 1 to your mana pool.
    T : Artifacts cost 1 less to play this turn.
  2. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Long time no see, Landkiller.... :)
  3. Landkiller CPA Menace

    Yes, Ive been busy. Too busy to have played Magic in almost 2 years now actually. But now Ive got too much time on my hands again... so :

    Syron Swordsmith 2W
    Creature - Spirit Soldier
    T : Equip Target creature with target equipment. (Equip cost need not be paid)

    Mad Technician 1B
    Creature - Gremlin
    When Mad Technician is untapped, tapped artifacts do not untap as normal.
    When there is an untapped artifact in play, tap Mad Technician and choose an untapped artifact. That artifact is tapped.

    Pack Mentality 2G
    At least two creatures must be declared as attackers if any attackers are declared. At least two creatures must be declared as blockers if any blockers are declared.

    Sorcerer's Maze 5U
    Whenever you are attacked, put a 3/4 Blue Minotaur token into play. While Sorcerer's Maze is in play, creatures blocked by Minotaur tokens do not untap during their next untap step.

    Necromancer's Maze 5B
    Whenever you are attacked, put 2 1/2 Black Skeleton tokens into play. While Necromancer's Maze is in play, Skeleton tokens gain "B : Regenerate"

    Urban Maze 5W
    Whenever you are attacked, put 4 1/1 White Militia Tokens into play. While Urban Maze is in play, Militia tokens gain "W : First Strike until end of turn"

    Forest Maze 5G
    Whenever you are attacked put either 4 1/1 Squirrel tokens, 2 3/3 Beast tokens, or 1 5/5 Wurm token into play. While Forest Maze is in play, tokens put into play by Forest Maze gain Forestwalk.

    Tunnel Maze 5R
    Whenever you are attacked put 6 1/1 Goblin tokens into play.
    While Tunnel Maze is in play, sacrifice a goblin during your upkeep.

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