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erm...hi =)

For quite some time, i've been wondering about the extreme prices that rare foils can have and was thinking if anyone could enlighten me on how a rare foil's value is truely judged...

for example...Birds of paradise foil is close to US $100 if i'm not wrong when its normal rare is way less than even US$20...

however...for underworld dreams normal rare which is around the same price as BOP normal rare, only has its Foil rare at about half the price of the BOP foil...

how's that ? =?

and by the much is a Wrath of god foil and serra avatar foil worth ?

thankx guys !! ^_^v



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I usually double the normal non-foil price on any of my foil cards.

Works so much better for me that way.

EX/ BOP NF (8th)- $20
BOP F (8th)- $40

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But, if you think about it, foil Birds of Paradise is about 60 times as rare as a normal one.

(Logic being used: 60 rares in the set, one foil rare per box compared to the one-in-42 ratio comes out to about 50 times... but for simplicties sake.)

Thus... should a card that is 50-60 times as rare not be 50-60 times more vaulable?

Personally, I think the cost of Foils, and in the introduction of foils alone was stupid and was done only to spike secondary markets, thus making Magic slightly more attractive.


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Who knows how the formula is for normal rares....

But in BoP's case, it was printed for the first time in foil right as Fires was a netdeck, which helped increase the BoP's price. The foil one went up over $100, and stayed around that range because the people who spent that tmuch for it didn't want to lose their investment.

It was only natural the 8E version also was boosted in price because of this "I'm a gonna protect mah yonder inflated cardz" routine


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It's all due to demand and supply and some foils are in more demand than others...


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The 7th and 8th edition premium rare foil seem to fetch extraordinarily high prices. Here are some prices I recall seeing:

BoP $100
WoG $80
Serra Angel $60
Shivan Dragon $50
Painlands $20-30
Coat of Arms $50

I think people really like getting the classic cards in foil, and with their relatively low quantity the price gets driven up.


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I think it may be partially the foil, but a large part due to the black borders. For so long people wanted black bordered base sets, and when they came out with foils in 7e, it sort of sent the prices up into a surge for the oldie goldies.

Then of course, the dealers were like "crap man, this stuff is foil" so they jacked up the prices even more. Bleh.


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Foil painlands are $20-$30?

*eyes his foil Underground Rivers - yes, more than one*

Ooooooh. :)


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There was this guy I know. He had this foil BOP card that he hated because he could never trade it. So, after like a year of being tormented by it, he just lit it on fire.

The guy looked sort of like me. A year from now. :D


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FOIL Birds is $100 because it's the highest priced 8th Edition card. That's usually true for every expansion; the most valuable card in foil is grossly higher in foil. Birds are also viable in many decks in all formats not to mention a casual powerhouse.

8th Editon is special. Tourney players neither buy nor draft base sets because they are reprints. Only kids buy it so 8th is in naturally short supply.

Some FOILs are bigger than others. My friend busted a FOIL Reya which got him 150 tix on Magic Online. That's about twice as much as a Bird. Now FOIL Reya maybe up around 250 tix since Invasion is out of print.


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What are you talking about that nobody buys it? 8e's new card face forces a lot of "coordination borders" players to buy it. Plus, on MTGO, many people play in the base set drafts.