Card Names and pictures.. need card ideas...

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    some of these i probably couldnt ever get appropriate pictures for..
    others i may..

    heres a list of names i recently made..

    Lost Horror - beefy black
    Worldly Contempt - anti green
    Eager Sacrifice
    Stand in Dread
    Dwell in misery
    Roots of Shadow - possibly green/black
    Harsh Suffering - damage to creatures somehow, or a enchantment

    Wicked deceit - steal an opponents creature until end of turn.. cant be any that are attacking. most likely black.

    Swallowing Sin - consume a creature


    Toils of Virtue

    Light of Radiance

    Anointing the Weak - prevent a lot of daamage to creatures, but only if theyre toughness or power is low

    Gleaming Serpent, Gleaming Wall

    Praise of Angels-white sorcery or instant

    Blunder, Blundering Knight - something based on a creature dying.. or getting -x-x when attacking

    Height of Wisdom, Height of Truth - something where there is too much of one color.. and something triggers

    Armor of Light

    Tread Down

    Isho, Shadow of the Falling Flower
    Rain Inhabitants

    Mirror of Life - possibly an artifact with a huge cost where you switch life totals with a target opponent but the card can only be played in a game of 3 or more players.

    Scalding Embrace
    Seeing Eye, Burning Eye, Living Eye
    Instrument of Bliss, Instrument of Destruction, Instrument of Innocense, Instrument of darkness

    Presence of Creation, Presence of Ruin, Presence of Destruction
    -they all cost R,W,U,G,B... theyre enchantments that you can sacrifice to do a huge effect.. but only after 2 turns... like destroy all creatures... bring a creature from your library into play with 3 +1+1 counters, deal 10 damage,
    gain 12 life, return all permanents of your choice, things like that

    Ancient Dragon
    Swift Victory

    Arising Victory
    Arising Soul
    Ancient Serpent
    Mother of Exiles
    Voice of Sorrow
    Fugitive Soul
    Slain in Greed, Slain in Truth, Slain in Sorrow
    Faltering Steps
    Shield of Redemption - protection or delay damage
    Raised from Beneath - animate dead variant
    Fleeting Rewards - bonuses that dwindle with time, possibly blue
    Crowned Deceiver
    Voracious Wolf
    Flowing Fountain

    Conquered Faith, Conquered Soul
    Heavenly Fiend - a gold card black and white..
    Kumari, Broken Rose

    Glaring Serpent

    Face to Face
    Foul Suggestion - both players may play the top card of an opponents library..

    help me fill em in..

    ive attached some really wierd ones that could apply for a lot of the black ones like stand in dread, etc.
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    left to right.



    Land or Black Enchantment

    Black Dragon

    Wood Golem

    some more.. ill delete as we use them or name them..

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    Left to right

    Celestial Rebirth 1W Instant
    Return all lands to owner's hands.

    Each player flips all lands in their hand onto the playing area from a height of at least one foot. Each land falls face down is destroyed. Each land that
    falls face up is put into play tapped.

    Sacrifice/creature that can sacrifice


    black dragon


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