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    This one also is called "broken" or "deck-o-cards" because with 8 total baubles, it, in effect, only has 52 cards total.

    4 Urza's Baubles
    4 Lodestone Baubles
    4 Disrupt
    4 Tinker
    2 Crumbling sanctuary
    4 Counterspell
    4 foil (any counter, really)
    2 Phyrexian Processor
    4 grim monolith
    4 voltaic key
    2 phyrexian dreadnought
    2 rishadan pawnshops
    4 Crystal vein
    4 saprazzan skerry
    1 academy (island works, instead
    11 islands.

    the deck runs further on the theme of tinker.
    Tinker says "Isn't it a pity that the cards you need aren't always the cards you get? Well, now they can be!" and, by playing with 52 cards, essentially, the theme is taken to the point of bubbling. It's damned hard to stop, and wholly illegal.

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