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  1. Griffith_se Guest


    Just woundering why you choose Fresh vol over Steadfast guard? Is because of the Caddles? If so, isn't it more likely to have second turn Plains, Plains than Craddle, Plains?

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  2. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    Yes, the only possible advantage is the CC.
    I basically see the Steadfast Guard`s ability as no ability at all really, it`s so rarely going to make a difference and so I would rather have a creature I can play with Plains+Sergeant+Cradle, than one that might sit in my hand or make me Paris a perfectly good hand. Yes, the chances are that 95% of the time you will get WW on the second turn, but 5% of the time you won`t - and then if they have Ports they can screw you over as well.
    As a longstanding beatdown player (note my nickname) I know that the most important thing is KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and you rarely go wrong by taking as few risks as possible with the mana base for your spells.

    I play Volunteers. If you think the Guard`s ability is relevant then you might as well play them instead.

    Latest Version:
    CAND!MAN WWeenie
    4 Ramosian Sergeant
    3 Mother Of Runes
    4 Longbow Archer
    3 Fresh Volunteers
    2 Ramosian Lieutenant
    3 Nightwind Glider
    1 Thermal Glider
    1 Lin Sivvi
    2 Masticore

    2 Enlightened Tutor
    2 Disenchant
    1 Seal of Cleasing
    3 Crusade
    1 Pariah
    3 Parallax Wave
    1 Spiritual Asylum
    2 Armageddon

    3 Gaea`s Cradle
    19 Plains

    The Armageddon are now looking doubtful - another Seal and a Glorious Anthem might be more profitable at the moment. But they stay because in the mirrormatch they are the best way to get a Cradle down if they got theirs first. Also now occurs to me that if you add in Brushland you could easily splash Green, although I haven`t a clue what you would want.
    And if you play our WWeenie in a tournament be sure to let me know how you went on - Nico Claeys won a tourney in Holland with the Pre-Nemesis version.
  3. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    Uh, gizmo? Rishadan port is just as effective on Gaea's cradle as it is on plains... Besides which, you think not tapping to attack isn't a good ability? I want you to take a good long look at Serra Angel and then say that.

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  4. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    I know they can tap Cradle.
    Their Port is important if you draw Plains,Plains,Cradle instead of Plains,Plains,Plains.

    1. Plains, Sergeant
    2. (they tap a land) Plains (W available)
    3. (They tap a land) Cradle (W1 available - Steadfast Guard looks bad)

    And when I look at Serra Angel I see 4/4 Flying, the not tapping comes a distant third in reasons why Sarah is good.
  5. Y2J New Member

    Hey glorious anthem is good cause in a mirror match up its good for you and not them. And if you do splash green in it works for and green guys you have.
  6. TomB Administrative Assistant

    I tend to agree with Duel. Serra Angel is great because she's there for you both on attack and defense. She's far and away a better creature than Air Elemental, for example, and they're both 4/4 fliers.

    I don't think 95% castable is that bad, considering the ways you'll be using the Rebel searchers with the mana on subsequent turns. At the very worst they'll still be sitting in your hand when the 'core hits the table and you need something to discard.

    Here's something I just threw together the other night:

    //NAME: Rebel's Wrath

    2 Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero
    2 Cho-Manno, Revolutionary
    4 Ramosian Lieutenant
    4 Ramosian Sergeant
    1 Lawbringer
    1 Lightbringer
    1 Thermal Glider
    1 Nightwind Glider
    4 Fresh Volunteers
    4 Steadfast Guard
    4 Parallax Wave
    4 Wrath of God
    3 Exile
    3 Disenchant
    16 Plains
    4 Forbidding Watchtower
    2 Kor Haven

    SB: 4 Story Circle
    SB: 4 Scour
    SB: 4 Light of Day
    SB: 3 Warmth

    I actually used both in this set up, and it works pretty good so far, at least in Apprentice play, though I do need to work on the sideboard a bit.

    Of course, I haven't been to any tourneys with it yet... ;)

    CPA Member
  7. Crackdown New Member


    Why not pair the Blinding Angel with the MOMs? I know she's not a rebel (at least without conspiracy), but is their some other reason?
  8. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    The Angel doesn`t really fit into the deck - she`s expensive, but mostly she`s too defensive.
    She makes the SB, though:
    2 AbGrace
    2 AbLaw
    1 Serenity (mono-brown)
    2 Disenchant
    3 Wrath Of God (mirrormatch)
    1 Armageddon
    3 Blinding Angel (Stompy)
    1 Thran Foundry (Bargain)
  9. King of Cheese New Member

    I played your deck with the green variant at a local tournament:

    4 Ramosian Sergeant
    4 Mother Of Runes
    4 Elvish Archers
    3 Fresh Volunteers
    2 Ramosian Lieutenant
    2 Nightwind Glider
    1 Thermal Glider
    2 Lin Sivvi
    3 Masticore

    2 Enlightened Tutor
    2 Disenchant
    1 Seal of Cleasing
    3 Glorious Anthem
    3 Worldly Tutor
    3 Crop Rotations

    3 Gaea`s Cradle
    4 Brushland
    2 Forest
    11 Plains
    1 Dust Bowl

    2 Light of Day (cutting down their threats to masticore and gnomes)
    2 Warmth (makes an ld player reluctant to stone rain)
    2 Seal of Cleansing (extra enchantment/artifact removal
    3 Wrath Of God (mirrormatch)
    3 Lumbering Satyr (any green deck)
    1 Dust Bowl (against nonbasic lands and decks using cradle)
    2 Erase (replenish and bargain)

    I did win the tournament but I had no fun whatsoever. =( I guess this deck just isn't cheesy enough. It was pretty fun to see the look on the stampy player's face when I threw out the lumbering satyre in the finals. The dust bowls were a good choice since every deck I played against used either cradles or man lands. I had one match loss to bargain which I expected no one to play. This deck did exceptionally well against ponza. Either they destroyed my green lands which I didn't need anyway or they tried to destroy a land and I rotated crops in response to turn it into a cradle. The best part about that was that I faced ponza in both semis and quarters.
  10. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    Congratulations, I played my tourney yesterday using the Accel Black, and won (beating my teammate in a mirrormatch final so I guess the deck works okay).

    WWeenie deck is moving on, the new SB has Topple for Masticores. Thinking of the Green version now, obvious splash 2/3 cards at most I think, maybe another 2 in SB. Currently thinking:
    Ancestral Mask (if you choose SealC over Disenchant this hurts on a Glider)
    Crop Rotation, naturally (would then include a Dust Bowl)
    Dense Foliage (better than Spiritual Asylum)
    Rancor (perhaps, not really what I want the Green for, though)

    Thinking, from my version:
    -4 Plains
    +4 Brushland
    -1 Gaea`s Cradle
    +1 Dust Bowl
    -2 Armageddon
    +2 CropRot
    -1 Spiritual Asylum
    +1 Ancestral Mask
    (then tweak the Disenchants)

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