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    Hells gate 3BR
    creature-wall 1/6
    BR- hells gate gets +3-2
    Tap all mountains. hells gate can attack this turn

    Birds of tranquility G
    creature-birds 0/3
    Tap, destroy target enchantment
    if Birds is targetted by any spell, bury birds

    Sea of tranquility 4U
    any player may sacrafice a land to return sea to owners hand. you may play this ability when sea is in you graveyard.
    all damage dealt to creatures and players is 0, and if a creature goes into the graveyard, its controler may put it into play.

    jungle cats G
    summon cats 1/2
    when jungle cats is summoned, you may search your library for 3 copies of Jungle cats and put them into your hand

    azure drake RU
    Flying 0/1
    UU: counter any spell
    x:deal X damage to target creature. spend only R in this way.

    army of apocolypse 6B
    summon- hordes 6/5
    first strike, trample
    you may put a army token into play. treat this as an exact copy of army of apocolypse

    determination UU
    Counter target spell. loose 1 life.
    pay 2 life. return determination to your hand.

    Mishra's Rage 3R
    No player can play a spell with a kicker cost.

    Urza RBGU
    Summon legend 3/3
    Plains walk
    if urza hits the graveyard, return it to your hand.
    sacrafice a plains, target land becomes a plains.

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