Budget White Weenie (aren't they all?)

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    I'm having some fun with this WW build on MTGO:

    Creatures - 24

    4 Lantern Kami
    4 Suntail Hawk
    2 Isamaru, Hound of Konda
    2 Devoted Retainer
    4 Samurai of the Pale Curtain
    4 Kami of Ancient Law
    4 Leonin Den-Guard

    Spells and Equipment - 16

    4 Glorious Anthem
    4 Bonesplitter
    2 Mask of Memory
    2 Altar's Light
    2 Test of Faith
    2 Otherworldly Journey

    Lands - 20

    1 Eiganjo Castle
    19 Plains

    I've played this through land shortage and mana flood (worst is mana flood with no critters). In fact, for the last game, I had two mana the whole game and beat a Zubera deck.

    But, the reason I post this deck is not the effectiveness of it, although taking out the Jittes and using 4 Bonesplitters really increased the speed of the deck and presented opponent's with some problems, it's because it's so much darn fun using OJ and ToF in unusual ways.

    For instance, in my last game, I was keeping the Zubera from being effective while having a Samurai of the Pale Curtain in play (guess he didn't draw any black removal). When he searched for a legendary creature, out came Kiku, Night's Flower and visions of my 1/1 and 2/2 force being decimated started to cross my mind. However, when he played the ability on SotP, I stacked ToF on top of his, so that my SotP became a 4/4 bushido 1!

    I've also used OJ to remove a stubborn blocker, such as a dragon spirit to allow a land troop through.

    All in all, it's a fun, fast deck with some combat tricks. I'm not quite sure about the MoM though. Sometimes it works great, other times I wish I had 1 more OJ and ToF. :)

    Now, what about the sideboard?

    I figure:

    3 Hokori for T&N
    3 Karma for Black whatever
    4 Aether Vial for Hokori
    2 Jitte for counter Jitte


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