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  1. Cabal Patriarch Cabal Patriarch

    so i was lookin around and saw the bringers and thought i might as well test them and so here i am asking for ur opinion (any would be appreciated)
    but heres what i ask
    A) if u recomend a card plz show what u would take out for it
    B)no flaming plz
    well here it is

    city of brassx4

    summoners eggx4
    etched oraclex3

    rampant growthx2
    sylvan scryingx2
    Rude Awakeningx1
    kodamas reachx4


    sacred groundx3
    cranial extractionx4

    well anyway know this is a rough sketch i knowbut so far here are my test results:
    big red:i won 2 times
    the new little black thing:i won 3 times
    med red:i won 2 times
    jank:i won once
    the rock:i won 2 times
    crude affinity:i lost 2 times
    MUC i lost once
    well any and all help will be greatly appreciated thnx.
  2. evan d New Member

    Fetch lands might help.

    Although they cost $$$$$$, cranial extractions would be good, although probably sideboard, because it would neuter T & N and most combo decks.

    I don't see the reason for 4 plains, and not a more diverse WUBR. What did I miss?
  3. Lakayl New Member

    My ? is why the mana off balance? Unless there is something I'm not seeing! That is if your still trying this deck? I don't know for sure. Please let me Know.
  4. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    This doesn't look particularly effective. The Bringers are not versatile enough to use in a toolbox deck, and it would need a powerful fetching mechanism anyway...

    Bringer of the Black Dawn: A Vampiric Tutor every turn is great, but the investment put into this card means that whatever you're tutoring up with it had better win you the game. There are some devastating cards to use with this, but most of them cost less than the Bringer, so drawing into them (or tutoring them up with something that doesn't cost nine mana AND a whole turn) and casting them would be preferable.

    Bringer of the Blue Dawn: The card advantage from this thing could easily win you the game, if your deck is built for it. There are definitely some possibilities for this guy.

    Bringer of the Green Dawn: With some green mana acceleration and some other good attackers, this one could probably overwhelm your opponent quickly enough. I'm not sure if it's better than the blue option, or if the two might even be used together as a tag team...

    Bringer of the Red Dawn: A piece of crap. There are better cards for drawing out my opponent's creature removal. This card is too situational. If I want a reactive red card, I'll use Fork.

    Bringer of the White Dawn: This one might have the most potential. It needs an artifact to combo with, but that shouldn't be too difficult to provide. if Bringer of the White Dawn is in play, your opponent really needs to find a way to kill it, since getting Mindslaver into your graveyard will not be too difficult.

    I would either focus entirely on the white Bringer, or maybe try something with the green and/or blue Bringers. The black one isn't really worth it and the red one is outright bad.
  5. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    I use the Red bringer in my Pattern deck and it's great (partly because of functionality with the cards that let me sac creatures) and certainly a whole heaping helping of fun to bring to the table.
  6. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Well, Pattern decks have a relatively effective toolbox mechanism, so it's worth it to throw in one copy of a situational card, so that mediocre creatures like Keldon Vandals can become viable. This deck doesn't look like it can pull anything like that off...

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