Book Suggestions?


I would like to know if anyone has any good books to suggest to me, specifically about Evolution, Philosophy, Survival of the Fittest, anything Anthropological, thanx!


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A very good book I've read, which really makes you think (but doesn't exactly fit your criteria) is The Satanic Verses by Salmon Rushdie. Unlike what the title says it isn't a Satanic book.


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Some books that make you think, though couched in story format, include Heinlein's "Time Enough for Love", "the Number of the Beast", and "Starship Troopers" (little relation to the movie, the book is mostly philosophy) and Norton's Childe Cycle, which includes the Dorsai books, among others.

The above books are also good science-fiction for those of you who just enjoy reading.

Madmen of History is a book I have at home, which covers some aspects of what you want, I will get the author tonight and try to post tomorrow.

Hope that helps.


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I read through all the original Sherlock Holmes recently, those can be fun, even if they get somewhat repetative after a while. :)

And Harry Turtledove is worth your time, too. He writes alternate history books. Basically, they're historical accounts with something just slightly 'off.' For example, he takes the premise that the South actually _won_ the War Between the States, and then writes about what WWI would look like. They're a fun ride, lots of characters, and never dull, since all his books seem to be war stories. I just started reading his work with Guns of the South (premise: The South gets their hands on AK-47s in time for the War Between the States), and moved into his Great War series. Now I have the whole frigging Worldwar series, and I'm working on that... :)

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