CPA's Hot Dog Vender
As the fierce battle rages between Volraths_Bane and maurad...

there was another battle heating up...

Boo, the giant space hamster was fighting Harvey, the wonder hamster...

Boo starts out w/ a jab to harvey, harvey quickly gathers himself and grabs a handfull of dirt and throws it into boo's eyes...this temporarily blinds boo. Harvey quickly takes advantage by...


CPA Trash Man
*Ransac wants his friend to join.*

Introducing, William, the cyber hedge-hog!!!

Ransac, cpa trash man


Whirlwind of Bed Pan Justice
Boo and Harvey...feeling this fight is between them and their keepers (maruad234 and Volraths_bane) and sharing a deeprooted hatred for hedgehogs team up, beat the hell outta William, and then launch him into the stratusphere

Back to the Hampster on Hampster action



CPA's Hot Dog Vender
Boo, thinking that he is out matched reaches for a mini surfboard given to him by his owner...WHACK harvey is knocked unconscious!

Boo goes in for the final blow when all of the sudden william drops from the stratosphere

SPLAT Now boo is out as is william

announcer:It looks like a warzone here!


CPA Trash Man
*William doesn't take too kindly to getting his butt whooped and downloads porn on his cyber-computer.*

Ransac, cpa trash man


Becoming a Lurker Again
*Mitch, the gerbil inside Gerode's head, has awakened again after months of slumber. Disturbed by the noises of rodent battle, he jumps out of Gerode's head, leaving Gerode as a catatonic body.

*Mitch grabs a dagger he had fashoined from a spoke of the hampster wheel within Gerode's head, and prepares for a fight.


CPA's Hot Dog Vender
Boo and harvey decimate mitch as a lesson to any more rodents that would try to interupt their battle...

Now that the fight is back on...harvey grabs his bed ban and swings it connecting w/ boo's skull!


Oh, Harvey, Harvey
Harvey the Wonder Hamster
He doesn't bite and he doesn't squeal
He just runs around on his hamster wheel
Harvey, Harvey
Harvey The Wonder Hamster

*Harvey grabs an Uzi and turns William into bacon*

Thallid Ice Cream Man

21sT CeNTuRy sChIZoId MaN
Sonic the Hedgehog attempts to join, then realizes he is in space, asphyxiates, screams like a wussy, then dies in fetal position and is sucked into the turbine of my flying ice cream starship.


Bird Boy
Cinnoman, Apollo's guinea pig friend, decides not to use her Mandibles Of Death, which would put a quick end to this fight. Instead, she stands on the sidelines munching alfalfa and squeaking out encouragement to Harvey.


Whirlwind of Bed Pan Justice
*Harvey, after hurling his Hampster Wheel of Fate at Boo, get distracted and notices Cinnoman.*

Chip chip chip chipchip chip? (Translation: Hey honey, whatcha doin later?)

*Harvey is slapped by Cinnoman and stumbles back over Sonic's a chunk of freeze dried Sonic. He is caught my Boo and belly to belly suplexed. Harvey is dazed, but has a strange smile on his face looking over Boo's shoulder. Boo looks behind hi in time to catch the returning Hampster Wheel of Fate right in his tiny hampster face**

CHIP CHIP CHIP, chip chip chip chip chip chip?!?!?!?! (translation: NO-ONE BEATS HARVEY, get it you roody poo candy rear?!?!?)

**Harvey then procedes to Peoples elbow Boo down towards a sun**


CPA's Hot Dog Vender

dont you mean harvey?

anyways..HARVEY/CHIP...does the peoples elbow

The crowd goes wild!!!

boo is down....harvey does the roll up....

1....3.....oh wait i for got 2

just as the ref is about to say 2, maraud smacks harvey and boo is released...


Whirlwind of Bed Pan Justice
**VB then immediately edits his mistake...and the crowd goes wild!!!!!!**

This battle will not end in a pin...A rivalry this epic can only end in DEATH!!!!!!!




Whirlwind of Bed Pan Justice
**Harvey call his ride and sidekick... Trevor, the Lethargic Chipmunk.**

CHIP CHIP CHIPCHIP CHIP!!!!!!!! (Translation: HiHo Trevor, Away!!!!!!!!!)

**Harvey lets out his high-pitched battle cry and charges Boo atop Trevor....charges him verrrrry slowly**


Sir Psycho Sexy
Go Boo!!!!! Yea!!!!!!

*Boo throws a chunk of Sonic at Harvey, knocking him off of his ride. Harvey tries to attack Boo, but gets hit by another piece of Sonic.*

Boo-"What the hell does chip chip mean? Speak english you stupid hamster!"