Blue Flying Deck - Needs Help

Discussion in 'Casual Decks/Variants/Etc' started by Zorak, Sep 21, 2000.

  1. Zorak New Member

    I made a blue flying deck, and it needs some help. It's made to keep creatures in the air, so I can attack without too much interference; stall the opponent with cards like Phantasmal Terrain (used offensively) and Exhaustion; block inciming attackers with walls; and get a continually growing hand. Here are the cards I've used:

    21 Islands
    2 Remote Isles
    1 Faerie Conclave
    2 Walls of Air
    2 Soul Barriers
    1 Cloud Sprite
    2 Thornwind Faeries
    2 Saprazzan Legates
    1 Soul Net
    2 Peregrine Drakes
    1 Shimmering Wings
    1 Coastal Piracy
    3 Kingfishers
    3 Clouds of Faeries
    2 Phantasmal Terrains
    2 Thieving Magpies
    3 Stinging Barriers
    1 Exhaustion
    1 Thunder Wall
    1 Zephid's Embrace
    1 Flight
    1 Raven Familiar
    2 Drake Hatchlings
    1 Phantom Wings

    I just realized... I have no idead why I put all the spells that give flying to a creature in there, all my creatures already have flying. Any suggestions of what to replace those with??

  2. Thrash Golem New Member

    if youre playing blue, why not some counter magic?

    thwarts, dazes, and if its controlling, use denying wind too.

    i suck at blue, dont liste to me
  3. rkoelsch Angel Boy

    put in some counterspells to protect against hurricane and direct damage.
  4. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    The only aggressive way to use Phantasmal Terrain is to roll it into a point and stick in your opponent`s eye.

    You HAVE to be able to contro your opponent`s creatures, typically a flying creature is not as big as a ground creature because, well, it has flying and the ground creature doesn`t.
    That means they win the race.

    You have to be able to pin their creatures back with bounce spells, countermagic, or control magic effects, the other option is to slow your opponent down at his mana base with spells like Parallax Tide, Rising Waters, and Tangle Wire.

    4 Boomerang
    4 Withdraw
    4 Counterspell
    And possibly
    2/3 Coastal Piracy or Thwart
    And Sigil Of Sleep can be amazing if you expect to face a lot of creature so I`d think of playing 4 of those in place of the Withdraw if you expect too meet so much resistance and not much creature removal.

    If all these spells go in (for your Flights and the non-Stinging Barrier walls) then you are starting to get somewhere. And search around to find enough of the good commons to play 4 of the creatures you like because that will only make your deck more consistent, I`d be especially interested in bagging:

    4 Cloudskate
    3 Spiketail Hatchling
    4 Ribbon Snake
    3 Rishadan Airship

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