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I know some people mentioned playing this and I've been a huge fan of the game ever since rokapoke introduced me to the mid-90's computer game. I even went so far as to buy the board game, but only ever played it once against another human being. (I did play a few solitaire matches - cause I'm a loser like that.)

Anyway, just this weekend I learned that they've released a new computer game that's much more true to the board game and even includes the option of playing in online leagues against other people. I was so excited when I heard the news that I immediately downloaded the game, only to learn that my computer did not meet the minimum system requirements to run it. So now I'm eagerly awaiting a new graphics card for my computer so I can try it out.

Does anyone else think they might get the game?

You can find details here:


Surprisingly enough, I may be interested in getting this. However, right now I'm in a bit of a financial crunch. Long term (after I start my new job next year), I'm all for it.


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Wow, it's already been released? I get PC Gamer and kinda kept it in the back of my mind...

I'd love to get it, but unless it includes a play-by-email option, I won't be able to play anyone. I also had the board game - even set up a few leagues in college (of course, I was the Dwarves :D ) I'll check it out...


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I'm pretty sure the PC Game won't have a play-by-email option, but you can find PBeM leagues pretty easily elsewhere. You should check out if that's what interests you.