Black/red citadel; post urza t2

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  1. Åvatar_of_Logic New Member

    i like this site
    a little like mtgnews but its better
    ok here's my deck
    4Urza's Rage(awsome!)
    4citadel of pain(ns)
    2hammer of bogardan
    4seal of fire
    2veteran brawlers
    3scoria cats

    3chilling apparation
    4dark ritual

    3blazing specter
    4chimeric idol

    4sulfuric springs

    comments will help
  2. Landkiller CPA Menace

    This is an aggressive deck that splashes black, yet still has large amounts of black mana! Add 4 x Andradite Leech, take out the 4 Chilling App. They are great, but The Leech can take out a Blastoderm too.
  3. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    Besides, the Apparition takes out blastoderm too. 3 turns of block and regenrate, and voila.

    Hey Avatar! I remember you from MTG news, saw a couple decks of yours. Okay, I like the style, definately something you don't see too often, let's see what we can do:

    4 Urza's Rage
    4 citadel of pain
    2 hammer of bogardan
    4 scorching lava
    2 veteran brawlers

    2 Cackling witch
    2 Bog initiate
    3 chilling apparation
    4 dark ritual
    4 drain life

    2 Pyre zombies
    3 blazing specter
    4 chimeric idol

    7 swamp
    9 mountain
    4 sulfuric springs
    2 Uborg volcano

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