Black/Green beats (Type 1.X)

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  1. Daenen New Member

    A while ago, someone on the Card Strategies posted a thread on whether or not Spirtmonger is a good card. I think it is, only because I have had to go up against the darn thing before. Anyway, if I had any of them, they would go into this deck. I know that this thing needs work, and I need several cards to round it out. It is still not worthy of major tournament play, but it is still fun to fool around with. Please tell me what you think of this monstrosity:

    8 Swamps
    9 Forests
    2 Llanowar Wastes
    (19 lands, I know. I am insane. hehehehe...)

    4 Mana Chickens (aka Birds of Paradise)
    4 Blastoderm
    4 Harrow
    3 Elvish Archers

    4 Duress
    4 Unholy Strength
    2 Terrors

    4 Ebony Treefolk
    4 Llanowar Dead
    4 Consume Strength (I dropped 2 of these on an Avatary of Might, killed it with my Blasty, and beat him in the head with 2 4/4 Llanowar Dead. You should have seen the look on his face!)
    4 Pernicious Deed (Do the Dirty Deed)

    I realize just looking at it now that it could use a lot of improvement. I don't want the deck to be entirely beatdown, though. I do want a lot of control left in the deck. I will probably take out the Harrows for Lay of the Land and throw in some Diabolic Edicts. The deck is almost Type 2, and would be without the Terrors.

    Well, tell me what you think.
  2. luke twigger New Member


    A couple of quick suggestions:

    1) Definitely increase the land count, you're just asking for mana screw! With your various expensive creatures, pumping your Treefolk and needing X mana for your Deed you definitely need more. Probably in place of the Harrows.

    2) I'm not convinced about the Unholy Strengths as they'll get blown up by Deeding against anything other than Saproling tokens.

    3) Elvish Archers would probably be better off as Kavu Titans. OK so you lose first strike but you still get to play a 2 power 2cc dude and later in the game you have the option to make a 5/5 trampler.

    Hope that helps?


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