Beyond Balderdash: Rules

Discussion in 'Games Run By CPA Members' started by Spiderman, May 30, 2002.

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    Okay, here's a recap of the rules for those who need a refresher or who haven't played before.

    I give a question that's either a person, initials, or date. You, as a player, have to give me a "guess" as to why that person's notable, what the initials stand for, or what notable thing happened on that date. I then post a list of all the guesses, PLUS the correct answer. You then have to tell me what you think the correct answer is.

    You get 1 point for giving me an initial guess, 1 point for guessing from the final list, and 1 point if you do both of those together in the same round.

    You also get a point for each time that another player guesses your "guess" on the final list. You get 3 points for getting the correct answer from the list. If you happen to give the correct answer on the first try (when I'm making the list) you get 2 points but cannot participate in the final guessing (I'm trying to encourage people to give BS or funny answers). So obviously, you have the opportunity to get more point if you go all the way to the final list.

    You cannot guess your own answer on the final list, you must guess someone else's. I'll tell you once if you mess up, but after that I'll just count it as not guessing ('cause you all are smart enough people, right? :) )

    If I mess up on your score, you get a point for correcting me.

    Any questions or if you need an example, let me know.

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