Beyond Balderdash: Question 5 Results

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    Since it's basically you four playing, I've decided to go ahead and post the results and the next question.

    What happened on October 20, 1968?
    1. Jackie Kennedy married Aristotle Onassis (correct answer)
    2. the time and location of Woodstock was announced (EricBess' answer)
    3. American writer and poet Robert Fick died at the age of 72 (Apollo's answer)
    4. Johnson announced the halt of bombing in North Vietnam (sageridder's answer)
    5. the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia (TomB's answer)

      Well, everyone got it right except for EricBess, who continues to be bedazzled by Apollo's answers ;)

      sageridder, Apollo, and TomB guessed 1.
      EricBess guessed 3.


      TomB gaines 6 points (+1 for initial, +1 for final, +1 for both, +3 for correct) bringing his total to 30.
      sageridder gains 6 points for the same reasons bringing his total to 28.
      Apollo gains 7 points for the same reasons and +1 for another guessing his answer bringing his total to 24.
      EricBess gaines 3 point for the first three reasons bringing his total to 17.
      Wonka still has 2.

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