Beyond Balderdash: Question 4 Results

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  1. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    What is George Dawes noted for?
    1. He invented spring-loaded chopsticks (correct answer)
    2. He designed and built the first modern fax machines (Apollo's answer)
    3. He co-authored the Declaration of Independence with Thomas Jefferson (TomB's answer)
    4. He was the scorekeeper for "Shooting Stars" on BBC2 from 1995-97 (sageridder's answer)
    5. He was the creator of the game Balderdash (EricBess' answer)

      For the first time, no one guessed the correct answer! And Apollo just loved EricBess' answer... ;)

      EricBess guessed 2.
      TomB guessed 4.
      Apollo guessed 5.

      TomB gained 3 points (+1 for initial, +1 for final, +1 for both) for a total for 24

      sageridder gained 2 points (+1 for initial, + 1 for someone else guessing his) for a total of 22.

      Apollo gained 4 points (+1 for initial, +1 for final, +1 for both, +1 for someone else guessing his) for a total of 17

      EricBess gained 4 points like Apollo for a total of 14

      Wonka gained 0 points for the same total of 2.
  2. EricBess Active Member

    My next "person" response is going to be:

    "He co-invented the spring-loaded chopsticks"

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