Beyond Balderdash: Question 3 Answer List

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    What happened on January 4, 1978?

    1. US Senator Al Gore coined the phrase "Information Superhighway"
    2. Norman Rockwell died
    3. A Russian satellite crashed in Northern Canada
    4. Dungeons and Dragons was introduced to the world
    5. OPEC announced an oil embargo against the US
    6. Kiss alive II hit the charts
    7. The nuclear reactor at Three Mile Island almost had a total meltdown
    8. The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl
    9. An earthquake in New Delhi, India claimed 20,000 lives
    10. After a delay of more than 3 days due to an owl's nest found in its scaffolding, the ball dropped to officially ring in the New Year in Times Square

    Final answers are due Tuesday, 5/19 by 6:00 AM EST and must be PMed. Anyone may join at anytime.
Thread Status:
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