Beyond Balderdash: Question 2 Results

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  1. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    What does H.A.L.P. stand for?
    1. Hydroponic Alternative Lettuce Producers (TomB's guess)
    2. Husbands of Airline Pilots (correct answer)
    3. Humans Against Land Pollution (EricBess' guess)
    4. Homer Ate Little Peanuts (Wonka's guess)
    5. Hydraulic Automated Lifting Procedure (Apollo's guess)
    6. Hewitts Algorithmic Learning Program (sageriddder's guess)

      I could have posted the results on Tuesday but was waiting for Wonka as it seemed he joined. Remember, you have to guess a final answer from this list to complete the round.

      Only EricBess was fooled this time... :)

      sageridder, Apollo, and TomB guessed 2.
      EricBess guessed 5.


      TomB 14
      sageridder 13
      Apollo 10
      EricBess 7
      Wonka 1

      Messed up on the scoring again (I'll get it); edited to reflect.

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