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Beyond Balderdash: Question 12 Answer and Scores


Staff member
What is notable about H. Fitzroy Somerset?

1. He was an accomplished Olympic high diver and won the bronze medal in 1976. (Ransac's guess)
2. He fought with Napoleon at the battle of Waterloo. (EricBess' guess)
3. He was one of the first members of the British Parliament. (fuzzy's guess)
4. He was the first British governor in India. (Sleepy's guess)
5. He was a British Duke who invented the game of badminton. (correct answer)
6. He was a founding father of Somerset, New Jersey, established by charter on May 22, 1688. (sageridder's guess)

It looks like we're down to our core players. And most of those got the correct answer.

sageridder chose 2.
EricBess chose 3.
Ransac, Sleepy, and fuzzy chose 5.


sageridder 41
Sleepy 34
EricBess 31
Baskil 22
Apollo 19
fuzzy 19
Ransac 18
Melkor 15
Sammy Dead-O 7
Gerode 6
Lotus Mox 6
DUke 5
Turd Cutter 5
Chaos Turtle 4
Darsh 0
Griffy 0


I keep doing better each round. Too bad that it's too late for Fuzzy.......:(