Beyond Balderdash: Question 1 Results

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    Here were the answers again:

    BEZOAR is:

    1. a medical condition (Apollo's answer)
    2. name of an Indian prince (Dark Horse's answer)
    3. stone-like substance formed in the stomach (correct answer)
    4. code name for the Magic expansion after Argon (Cateran Emperor's answer)

    Of these answers, both Apollo and dw picked the the correct answer and Duel picked #2. Erbrich gave the right answer right off the bat.

    So the scoring is:

    Erbrich 3
    dw 2
    Apollo 2
    Dark Horse 1
    Duel 0
    Cateran Emperor 0
    Plaguelord 0

    Reminder: Question #2 will appear early Tuesday, 9/5 because of the holiday and I won't be at work. Answers (which must be PM) will be due 6:00 AM EST Thursday 9/7. I'll post the answer list then and final PM answers must be in 6:00 AM EST Monday 9/11. I'll post Question #3 then also to get back on schedule.

    Question: Should I post the next question the day of the results of the previous question? Like should I be posting Question #2 now? And just have 2-3 days in between for the answers? Or are we fine at the pace now? Any change will take effect at Question #3.

    Also a reminder to get your first answers (the ones that comprise the list) and the final guesses in. Some of you are on during these times but have inexplicably :) missed one of these answer times.

    Question, clarifications, let me know...

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