Beyond Balderdash: Question 1 Answer and Scores

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Spiderman, May 14, 2001.

  1. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    What does I.O.W.M.C. stand for?

    1. International Organization of Wooden Money Collectors (correct answer)
    2. Isle Of Wight Motor Cycles (Duke's guess)
    3. International Organization for Women and Men of Cribbage (EricBess' guess)
    4. International Organization of Women and Men's Choirs (Turd Cutter's guess)
    5. International Organization of White Male Christians (sageridder's guess)
    6. International Organization of Wandering Minstrel Characters (Sleepy's guess)
    7. International Office of World Medicine Concerns (fuzzy's guess)
    8. I Own Wild, Miracle Cream (Ransac's guess)
    9. International Organization of Women Military Commanders (Baskil's guess)
    10. International Office for World Market Consolidation )Melkor's guess)
    11. Institution Of Women Mandating Change (Apollo's guess)
    12. International Organization of Western Medicine for Christ (Chaos Turtle's guess)
    13. Iowa Organization of Wetlands Motor Campers (Gerode's guess)

    sageridder, Baskil, EricBess, and Sammy Dead-O guessed the first (and correct) answer.
    Ransac, fuzzy, and Melkor picked the second (DUke's) answer.
    Apollo picked the third (EricBess') answer.
    DUke picked the fourth (Turd Cutter's) answer.
    Turd Cutter, Gerode, and Sleepy picked the tenth (Melkor's) answer.

    Well, apparently you could enter these initials in a search engine and get one of the first two answers on the list. The first is what I am looking for so of course that's the one that counts :) Lotus Mox happened to pick it right off the bat. Of the other guesses, it looks like Melkor did a pretty good job in fooling some of you. So some of you are off to a fast start.


    DUke 4
    EricBess 4
    Lotus Mox 4
    Melkor 4
    Baskil 3
    sageridder 3
    Turd Cutter 2
    Apollo 1
    Chaos Turtle 1
    fuzzy 1
    Gerode 1
    Ransac 1
    Sammy Dead-O 1
    Sleepy 1
    Darsh 0
  2. DÛke Memento Mori ask this, but...

    What exactly is the "Dasher"?

    AND, if you get two or more people giving you the RIGHT "guess", would you post those guesses multiple times, or would you post them as one?
  3. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    The Dasher is that special someone during a round who gets points if no one picks the correct answer from the Answer List.

    2 points if the Dasher provided a guess for the List
    1 if not.

    If anyone gives me the correct answer as their guess for the List, I tell them and they cannot guess from the List. I only post the correct answer once in the List. I'm also the judge of how close a guess is to "what I'm looking for" :)

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