Beyond Balderdash 2: Question 5 Results

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Spiderman, Nov 20, 2000.

  1. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    What happened on February 14, 1936?

    1. Andrew Prine and Fanne Fox were born. (dw's guess)

    2. St. Valentine's Day Massacre (Sleepy's guess)

    3. Kristalnacht, the night when Germans attacked the Jews and broke a lot of glass (Apollo's guess)

    4. Valentine's Day Massacre (Baskil's guess)

    5. the first sit-down strike occurred in North America at a Goodyear Tire factory (correct answer)

    6. Andrew Prine, an actor, was born (nodnarb's guess)

    Darsh chose Sleepy's guess.
    dw chose nodnarb's guess.
    nodnarb and Apollo chose dw's guess.
    And Sleepy was the only one to choose the correct answer!

    Note: nodnarb, you said the strike occurred in 1935. If you can give me links to 3 different sources stating this, I'll throw out the question.


    nodnarb 13
    Sleepy 13
    Darsh 11
    dw 9
    Apollo 7
    Jaws 4
    Baskil 3
    Chaos Turtle 1
    Gryphonclaw 0
    Namielus 0
  2. Sleepy Narcoleptic CPA Member

    throwing the question out wouldn't be fair. you said the answer had to match what it says on your cards even if their wrong!
  3. nodnarb24 Supreme Overlord/The Rat King

    He won't be throwing the question out. I talked to him and I told him I was wrong.
  4. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I perceive a difference between:

    My card having the right answer, and getting similiar answers but are not exact


    My card being TOTALLY wrong (that's like saying the Colonies were French, not British).

    I didn't really think my answer was wrong because I figure the Balderdash people do their homework before printing their cards but a mistake could always slip through so I wanted to give nodnarb a chance to say why he thought it was wrong.

    <sigh> It's a good thing you people are keeping me on my toes. I think I'll go for a less ambiguous game next :p
  5. Sleepy Narcoleptic CPA Member

    I understand. it's cool.:D

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