Beyond Balderdash 2: Question 4 Answer List

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    What is the movie Hector's Bunyip about?

    1. A man is kidnapped by his imaginary friend, a bunyip.

    2. Hector is a little bouy who has an imaginary pet dog named Bunyip.

    3. A poor but happy Australian family fights to keep one of their foster children. When a greedy land developer, wanting back taxes, lies and reports that the foster children are not being properly cared for, the family hides the boy in a cave. They claim he was taken by a "Bunyip" creature - actually a product of their imagination.

    4. A boy named Hector who lives in a small farming village with his mother. She dies, and his father, whom he had never seen, shows up to take him to the big city. He finds lots of strange machines, things, and people that he doesn't understand. He comedically misprounces the names of many of these things.

    5. A clone experiment gone awry.

    6. A young man becomes friends with a swamp creature.

    Great job guessing! Final answers are due Monday, 11/13 by 6:00 AM EST.

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