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  1. train The Wildcard!!!...

    So I think this is an interesting take... maybe share a been there - done that kind of story... - whether vacation, natural disaster experience, etc. Something that you can say "been there, done that"...

    Heck - even if it's funny, crappy, etc. something I thought was interesting...

    The thought came to mind as I was on the road yesterday when my first California earthquake hit the bay area... (I wasn't there - but almost headed that way...)


    Spain - been there, done that...
  2. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    Germany - been there, done that...
    Czech Republic - been there, done that...
    Italy - been there, done that...
    Austria - been there, done that...
    Hawaii - been there, done that...

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  3. Killer Joe Active Member

    Been there - Done that: Earthquake 1989 San Francisco Bay Area

    I was stationed at Fort Ord, CA (Monterey Bay) when the quake hit. I was driving a 1976 Sunbird that I called "Murray" and was on my way home when I noticed that "Murray" was swaying a bit and I thought, "Oh crap, Murray's alignment is out of whack!" Then I noticed people had pulled over the side of the road and were gathered as if they were watching a fire or something. Whatever. I kept driving to my trailer on post.

    I felt Murray sway again and was preoccupied with the CO$T to have him fixed. I pull in and I see my neighbor's kid run up to my car screaming, "Hey Mister, Mister! Didja feel it!? The Big One! The big one hit and we're crashing into the ocean my dad said!" then he scampered away screaming "The BIG ONE,....the big one hit...."

    Whatever, crazy kid's on crack already at 8 years old. Shame, really.

    I walk into the trailer and all of the china and pictures and lamps and stuff were strewn across the trailer. First thing came to my mind was my CAT! She was a kitten but she was a NINJA Kitten! She got into everything all the time, her name was "Natasha, the Black Russian" but my wife just called her 'kitty'. I yelled, "KITTY!? Where arrrrrrrre you?"

    I heard her meowing but it was more of a whimering mew than a meow. She was hiding under the couch. She was visibly shaken and clinged to me like kittens do with their tiny RAZOR sharp claws and of course my HEAD was the only safe place for her to go when I picked her up. OUCH!

    I start picking up stuff and then turn the TV on,......nothing.........uh? So I continue to pick stuff up and I can still hear the neighbor boy outside. I finally get things all cleared up when my wife pulls in the driveway. She comes in all frazzled looking, "So, are we going back to Pittsburgh!?" she said.

    Fast-Forward about 6 weeks. I had several months to go to finish my obligation in the Army so I stayed but sent her home back to Pittsburgh because she could NOT stand another tremmor. I moved back into the barracks where I had been before she moved out west.

    For WEEKS we all felt those tremmors and it was errie to say the least.

    Earthquake for 10 damage? I don't THINK so, they'll never be in MY decks! :p
  4. train The Wildcard!!!...

    you know - I've been wondering where exactly the bay bridge collapsed when it occurred - and for all the bridges I go over all the time, I wonder if another is coming and where I will be when it happens.

    One of our clients stores is on the fault line, and I keep wondering when we're going to get the call that the store has been demolished...
  5. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Budapest, Hungary - Done that, wouldn't mind doing it again
    Same with Rome, Italy...
  6. EricBess Active Member

    I was a baby during the big LA Earthquake in the early '70s. You know, the one they always talk about when they say "the biggest earthquake since..." My mom tells me I slept through most of it, though.

    Spain - been there (all up and down the Med. coast)
    Amsterdam - been there, but mostly just the hotel and the airport (we actually ran our tournament in the airport)

    Mexico - been there. Mexico City and Chihuahua.

    Central America:
    Guatemala - been there
    El Salvador - been there
    Panama - been there

    South America:
    Ecuador - been there
    Colombia - been there. Never felt less safe in my life than the last time I was there.
    Brazil - been there
    Chile - been there
    South American Spain...I mean Argentina - been there.
  7. Killer Joe Active Member

    Canada, been there, done that and NEVER will I EVER leave American soil again!
  8. rokapoke Man Among Gods

    Germany... been there and really want to go back.
    Austria... been there on the same trip.
    Montreal, Canada... been there and loved it.
    Toronto, Canada... been there and other than the Hockey Hall of Fame, I'm not planning to go back.
    Taipei, Taiwan... been there and up in the world's tallest building while it still held the title. I also slept through an earthquake while I was attending a conference on earthquake engineering. Oops.
    Beijing, China... been there and the Great Wall really is worth the trip.
  9. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Various portions of Mexico across Texas and California borders... been there, done that.
    - And if you weren't certain - the clothing, bags, and name-brand merchandise are all replicas...
    - Unless it's the $.05 chiclets and the coca-cola...

    Nothing in deep Mexico, and I still have my head though...
  10. Modus Pwnens Eligible for User Title

    Being from Europe, I've visited most countries, lemme see if I can make a quick list.
    In no particular order:

    -Czech Republic

    And probably a couple more I can't think of right now..
  11. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Portugal... been there done that... (preferred Spain... Madrid is a happening city at night...)

    I wonder if between all CPA members, we have all countries covered?...
  12. EricBess Active Member

    Sounds like we have a lot of Europe, but I haven't seen much from South America besides myself. Paraguay anyone?
  13. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Negative... Almost went to Panama... but not yet...

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