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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Mundungu, Apr 6, 2001.

  1. Mundungu grumpier than ever

    Did any of you guys play/ is playing BG II ?

    I just started last week and would have a couple of questions.

    At the beginning you get "acorns form faeries"
    Where and when can you find hte faerie queen ?

    What is that lich doing in the house on the bridge ?

    Where can I find Fire/Acid to have the trolls stay dead !

    I'll have more but that is off the top of my head.
  2. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    The Faerie queen is far to the east... when you go to the map screen, scroll way over and you should see an area marked, though the name escapes me at the moment. You'll recognize it from your journal though.
    Don't rush into it, as there are mean beasties in them woods.

    Don't know about that lich. I don't think I met him yet. That's the great thing about this game; so many different paths to take.

    I use the Melf's Acid Arrow spell, myself. I have yet to see any acid in shops. Burnings Hands should work, too, or any fire/acid magic you have.

    It's a huge game, so explore and do lots of quests. Quick-save a LOT and check your journal to remind yourself of what you're up to. Imoen can wait. ;)
  3. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    I've been using fire arrows recently -- spells are definately good though too. I was going to suggest something else, but I can't remember what I did in IWD and what I did in BGII :)
  4. Mundungu grumpier than ever

    will a last hit with a sword of fire do ?

    The only trolls I met were finished by the fire elementals I had summoned !

    some other questions,

    - Can you remove spells from your spellbook ?

    I have learned some stupid spells I'll never use and now I cant learn any new ones :( for certain levels.

    - equipment

    It seems that the leveling up of characters takes for ever and the battles become really tough. For many of them I have to rely on one successful hold monster or luck when "fear" or imprison spells are cast.
    I have to reload for the same battle sometimes 4 or 5 times and it is taking me forever!

    CT : on the bridge there is an undocumented door which is locked and trapped.
    Behind it there is a room very similar to the "sarcophagius" room of the quest for the cult of the eyeless.
    When you try to open the sarcophagius a lich comes out and -quickly- disposes of you party.

    In general I find it quite hard to choose which mission to do first.
    For example I get completely blasted if I try to go and save the actors from the parallel plane prison.

    I just did the "sphere" mission but it was really a tough one.

    Did you guys stick with the shadow thieves, or did you go with the other guild ?

    God I have like thousands of questions. I'll get some more later.

    How is it possible to get "good" magic items ? I am stuck with +1 items with not much special abilities :(

    - Where I stand
    I just started chapter 3 but with some missions left for chapter 2. (two outside of town, and the ones in the graveyards)
  5. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    Fire sword *should* work, but I can't guarantee it.

    Whoa, Fire Elementals, huh? Now you're playing with power! :)

    I don't think you can "unlearn" spells. You're stuck with'em.

    I know how you feel on the battles. They seem a bit difficult to me, as well. I'm trying to figure out how to level up a little faster, but it looks like the missions and the occasional random encounter ar the only way to do it.

    Ah, another sarcophagus. May I recommend that you quit opening those things? ;)

    That prison thing I just skipped after the first time. They can wait too.

    Don't know the sphere mission. I'm taking my time in chapter 2, trying to do as many missions as possible.
    Are you taking a god or eveil path, if I may ask? Just curious. My main dude is a paladin, and being nice all the time can be tough. I was so torn when they were burning that Drow chick at the stake. Do I save her? Do I let the evil biatch die? She's a playable charcter I think, but I couldn't come up with a good justification to attack the fanatic, so...

    Most of my good items came from the bodies of defeated enemies. I've got all kinds of wild stuff, almost no one is still using +1 stuff. Search everything, and keep a mage with "Knock" handy for those locks your thief can't pick. You'd be amazed at some of the stuff you'll find in chests, and on the corpses of monsters. Most of the major enemies have pretty cool stuff, though, so kill, kill, kill! And loot those bodies!

    Did you do the temple of the Air Elemental?
    How about the Circus Tent? That one's hard, but you get a cool character (if you're willing to disbelieve your eyes) and some decent items.
  6. Mundungu grumpier than ever

    I am good and try to stick to the good path.

    I found -very early in the game- a ring that gives me 18 charisma. Maybe that helps with my party "buddies".

    They stick to me like flies to a chocolate bar and very rarely did I hear their concern.

    The tent mission was actually the first one I did.

    I never encountered nobody being burnt on a stake !

    At this moment my party is composed of the original 4 characters from chapter 1 : me, the druid, Boo (lets do some but kicking for good!), the thief, aerie the cleric/mage you get after the tent mission and Valygar, the guy you are supposed to investigate for the cowled wizards.

    He is real good and a good asset to the party.
    The sphere is his personal quest. You enter the sphere at the west of the slums and need to fight a demon to get back !

    In chapter 2 I have done the following missions :
    the tent, the shadow thieves mission (the treachery plot, has a lot of sub-missions), freeing the actor from the wizard, distroying the cult of the eyeless, all the quests related to Valygar (murder on Umar hills and stuff), save my party member (the druid who get cursed), the Harper mission as well.

    I didnt do : contact the other guild, the two other missions out of town, the dwarfe's mission in the graveyard.

    I will probably try to finish the other chapter two missions b4 I get to chapter 3 missions.

    With my behaviour (I always listen to the whining of my female teammates), the female members of my party are almost fighting over me and the others accept any decisions.

    BTW you are right, Iomen can wait. (I dont even know her and the girls in my party are pretty elves ...)
  7. Mundungu grumpier than ever

    Well I see on the map the Hills where the queen of faeries is but I cannot select it as a destination !

    Did I do something wrong ?

    The quest to help that young lady deliver her castle from the trolls was relatively easy, brought good objects and now I am Lord of the Castle. Real sweet.
  8. arhar Member

    It's good to see more people playing this game, which I think is the best CRPG ever :)

    Anyway, Mundungu, some of the areas you can only get to from the neighboring maps, on foot (for the first time). After you do that, you can go to that area from any point of the map (there will be some exceptions to this rule in later chapters, but don't concern yourself with that - yet).

    Also, let me just say - don't be overly concerned with the path you choose. There are no "right" or "wrong" decisions - it all depends on how accurately you want to portray your character's alignment. Like, for example, CT, I know you've been playing D&D for 20 years, but I don't think a paladin should just let someone get burnt on stake just because she's a drow. You don't know why she was burnt or was she truly evil, do you? ;)

    Eh, can't wait till summer - I'm gonna replay BGII with evil character and do all the things I missed first time around :D
  9. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    Windspear hills

    I could select it as a destination right after Chapter 2 starts, but I didn't go, and now I can't select it either. I still have 2 incomplete quests requiring me to go there, but...


    Well mister snooty-pants ;) I didn't just let her burn. I was talking to the bystanders (and to her) when the damn thing just went up in flames.
    I'm thinking of raising her (body's still there, yuck) since she knows me (although I know from the book that she's evil :p). The I can "Know Alignment" her, and kill her again on principle! Big XP, woo-hoo!

    Only kidding. If it works, ansd she doesn't freak out on me, I'd let her go on her evil little way.

    Apparently, it's okay for paladins to ransack people's rooms and empty their cupboards as well. :eek: Actually, I make my thief do most of that stuff. I'm playing a party that (originally) was all-custom. (One of them died, and 2 left the party when I traded them out for game characters.)

    I pretend my paladin is "looking the other way" while she rips people off. Like that dude in the dungeon where you find the Cult of the Eyeless...the fence...after trading a bit, she tried to pick his pocket and failed, so natcurally we had to kill him and take his stuff. but the paladin was around the corner when it went down, so he didn't know that poor guy was provoked! ;)
  10. arhar Member

    You don't just "kill on principle" if you're a paladin ;)

    But who am I kidding, Baldur's Gate wasn't meant to be 100% accurate simulation of D&D rules. If it was, then the "Detect Ability" wouldn't work on Vyconia at the time she was being burnt at the stake, because it's supposed to detect evil intent :)

    Yeah, and in some moments of the game you're actually SUPPOSED to ransack through cupboards and personal possessions. I was playing an LG character and naturally didn't do it, so I missed an important clue :(
  11. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    I got the loudmouth "intelligent" sword...thinking of killing myself now.
  12. arhar Member

    How about we kill that over there?

    C'mon! Let's kill SOMETHING!!!

    You know, I used to be, like, a Moonblade once... hehe


    I gave that sword to Minsc, they fit each other very well :)
  13. Mundungu grumpier than ever

    AH AH

    Arhar : I also gave the sword to Minsc, it is really fun.

    I have managed to go to the Hills after I went to Trademeet.

    I have now completed all the potential missions from Chapter 2 and 3 - or so it seems, and moved on chapter 4.

    Still I left the dragon in the Hills alive, I was no match for it even with all the protection from fire and the anti-dragon sword. I'll be back for him later.

    Once I realised that I can resurrect my characters if they died during combat, I could move more quickly through the game. B4 that I would replay combat until I managed without loosing a character, which was sometimes very hard.

    I have a lot of money (about 40.000) even after buying some real good equipment (like a gridle of hill giant strength) and can affort those rods of resurections and raise dead scrolls.

    I found some good equipment during my trips and only regret that my mage learned some stupid spells.

    BG II is really a good game with lots of stuff in it. I just takes ages to finish, which is good.

    BTW, does ne1 know where to find the blood of a platinum dragon ?
  14. arhar Member

    Blood of the Platinum Dragon?!??!?! You mean Silver, right? If you do, then don't worry about it yet, you'll meet one when there's time... the only thing you'll have to worry about is alignment :D And if Platinum... I personally haven't met on in BG2 or D&D Monstrous Manual
  15. Mundungu grumpier than ever

    oops Arhar, yes you'r right it is silver dragon.

    Even one of my charachters made a comment on that it would'nt be good to kill a silver dragon.

    Oh well I will have to do without it then, although I am chaotic good ... well all my teamates are good so I might get into trouble.

    I find it tough to kill dragons right now anyway. My two attempts ended in a bloodbath with the red dragon, even though I had all that fire protection equipment.
    Well I guess I'll try again when I am around level 14 or so.

    What pisses me off is that when a character leaves the party, he takes all the stuff with him.

    Esp in chapter four and that bastard of Yoshimo ! He was carrying a lot of good stuff.
    I'll get his hide sooner or later.

    Well I cant wait t'il tonight to escape from spellbound.
    And now I will be stuck with Imoen again.

    It will be even harder to manage 3 women now, esp. since I have 20 in charisma (god I look good) and know how to shmoose them.

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