b/u type 2

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  1. Ive been trying to come up with a differnt way to kill instead of creature beat down. This way of winning is based on life los.any input is welcome to improve this deck type.

    2-urzas guilt
    4-dromars charm(gain life,or counter)
    4-cavern harpy(bounce)

    4-stormscape battlemage(gain life,or bury an un wanted critter)
    1-overtaker(ill take that angel)
    1-arctic merfolk(bounce)

    2-vicious hunger
    1-midnight ritual
    4-highway robber(play again and again)
    4-dark ritual
    4-maggot carrier
    2-nightscape apprentice

    4-meekstone ?
    1-fountaim of youth
    1-jeweled torque
    1-tek ?

    4-dromars cavern

    Its pretty simple here make your opponent loose all his life. If you can get a robber in play along with a harpy(combo). with the apprentice you can put those critters in play again and again.Meekstone might be better for a side board not sure though.anyways all input is welcome and probably needed. over all its a fun deck.


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