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  1. Troll Dr. Satan

    Help me with a Type 2 postr rotation deck, please

    Overgrown Tomb x4
    Forest x9
    Swamp x11

    Putrify x3
    Grave-Shell Scarab (would be more if I had 'em)
    Vulturous Zombie ( " )

    Sensei's Divining Top x2
    Plague Boiler x2

    Kokusho x3
    Last Gasp x3
    Hippy x4
    Sickening Shoal x2
    Phyrexian Arena x2

    Birds of Paradise x4
    Naturalize x2
    Sakura-Tribe Elder x4
    Carven Caryatid x3
  2. depolarization Lover of Schmaltz!

    How competative are looking to get here? Casual right?

    If so I recommend some hand/library destruction like Traumatize (great with the Vulturous Zombie) and the Jitte, which is phenomenal removal (but also a "States" card most top aggro players are going to use 4 of).

    Also, Kagemaro First to Suffer wouldn't be a bad choice either and fits with your shrinky.

    Then field 4 vigor mortis and Recollect to recurse your board-wipe and win-condition creatures (Kokusho's HOT!).

    Otherwise I think the deck's too slow for beatdown and I think every beatdown deck is fielding Jitte or Pithing needle to control it, though naturalize/putrefy may serve you just as well in those cases.

    I'm not too up on my type 2, but I'm sure that B/G control can be rather strong. I just don't know what's out there to attack the hand. I usually don't play that because I like multiplayer-casual play best.
  3. Force of Will Smith New Member

    vulturous zombie with the scarab is pretty sweet.. but i dont see a lot of fast spells you'd need a top for.. i think this deck could be strong with about 10 removal cards..
    otherwise your deck would go like..

    turn 1 birds, top, or nothing
    turn 2, sakura or naturalize a pithing
    turn 3, hippy (opponent zaps it)
    turn 4, boiler (a.k.a. wait to be pounded)

    i think it has potential.. but from 2-5 casting cost, you have very little..
    and for having black.. it has no "haha i just killed your biggest threat for 3 mana" cards...
  4. Wurmb Astral Slide Master

    Maybe throw in some Farseeks, theyre good for getting mana in, plus you can search for the new duel lands. Also, if you get the dual lands you can put them into play untapped for 2 life if you need it at that moment.
  5. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    How is that? Vulturous Zombie only gets counters for cards put into your opponents' graveyard

    Actually, you can't. If you decide to get a dual land with Farseek, you are allowed to pay 2 life to try to untap it, but then Farseek itself still reads "put into play tapped". The payment is not a way of untapping it, but only a way to avoid it coming into play tapped due to its own ability.

  6. Troll Dr. Satan

    OK I've almost completely changed my deck based on some cards i've gotten and y'alls suggestions. This is for FNM. Here's the new pile:

    Overgrown Tomb x4
    Forest x9
    Swamp x11

    Sensei's Divining Top x2

    Grave Shell Scarab (still only have 1)
    Putrify x4
    Vulturous Zombie x2

    Sakura-Tribe Elder x4 *
    Birds of Paradise x4
    Carven Caryatid x3
    Naturalize x2

    Kokusho x3
    Hypnotic Specter x4
    Phyrexian Arena x2
    Sickening Shoal x2
    Vigor Mortis x2 **
    Moonlight Bargain (This card is SICK!!!!)

    I have no idea on a sideboard. I have 4 Plague Boilers I'd like to use but I dunno. I can use most of my pre-rotation SB which included:
    Persecute x4 (definately coming out)
    Hideous Laughter x3 (maybe)
    Hero's Demise (??)
    Splinter x3
    Eradicate x3

    * I don't know if I shoud replace these with Farseeks. Farseek get duals, STE can't but STE could be a chump blocker. Farseek could be Twincast by opponent. Any suggestions would be great.

    ** I think this card could have potential. I replaced Last Gasps for these. I could get a dead Kokusho into play with another for 10 life lost. I dunno.
  7. depolarization Lover of Schmaltz!

    The bargain is hot.

    I would still attack the hand though with v. zombie out. I like rats along with the hippie specter and they can work with vigor mortis if you need it in a pinch.

    There's still waking nightmare and I wouldn't laugh if you plop a strands of undeath on your vulturous zombie. You've made it regenerate and given it +2/+2 by making your oppoenent discard two cards.
  8. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Did somebody say "bargain"?
  9. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    I can't help but think that Rolling Spoil.. It doesn't combine well with Birds of Paradise, but might prove very usefull against weenie decks..

    i dunno.

    Moonlight Bargain is great; Needs to be combined with Golgari Brownscale (and perhaps later an Empty the Catacombs?)
  10. depolarization Lover of Schmaltz!

    Well I wanted to post my own version. It's basically focussed around getting the V.Z. out and keeping it alive while removing any fliers in my face.

    The hand destruction should hopefully limit opponents to top-deck love.

    I was thinking about a sac/recursion engine with Hell's Caretaker so I can bring back the rats and carven caryatids every turn at least. I even contemplated things like millstone or splash blue for Glimpse or even traumatize (that's a spicey V.Z.!). But I think the vigor mortiis/recollect should see me through.

    For now, this is the build I'm going for. May be a little light on the land (20). If you can suggest 2 cards to cull to add more land that would be swell.

    I figure It'll be allright to try out at FNM.

    -- Sado-Sardonic Mawsitsit (because you better not call this the ROCK!) --

    2 plague wind (may use boiler instead)
    2 naturalize
    4 putrefy

    2 Recollect
    3 Vigor Mortis

    3 vulturous zombies
    3 Carven Caryatids
    4 Ravenous Rats
    4 birds of Paradise
    4 Sakura Tribe Elders

    3 strands of undeath
    2 Nightmare Void
    4 Blackmail

    4 Llanowar Wastes
    2 Overgrown Tomb
    7 Forrest
    7 Swamps

    I don't think it will dominate to total victory, but I feel the build will be fun to play...and I am itching to use hell's caretaker again :D. I expect the Weenie builds could really be problem without Hideous laughter in the main because they have many more flyers than I do and the zombie's pretty fragile to the Helix the first turn it comes out until I put a strands of undeath on it.

    I figure if I have to SB, there's stuff like Cranial Extraction, Hideous Laughter, Shadow of Doubt, Dosan of the Fallen Leaf
  11. jorael Craptacular!

    Cool deck idea!

    If you run Recollect and Vigor Mortis, why not use some creatures with dredge? Necroplasm, Gogari Grave-troll, or..... Stinkweed Imp! The imp gives you a great blocker to give you the time before you can go crazy with 12/12 flying plant zombies. Check out this article at Wizards. Benny Smith played a deck in a tournament with the imps. And finished top 8!

    Darkblast is also very sexy: it kills utility creatures up to 2 toughness (play during upkeep, dredge, play again). Life from the Loan might be handy too. And why do you not use the Golgari land: Svogthos, the Restless Tomb? Afraid it screws up your mana base too much?

    Stinkweep Imp rocks in limited too: during a draft I went B/U (Dimir) and was able to snatch 4 of them. They were really annoying according to my opponents. Some opponents held back their army because I had e.g. 2 imps in play. It made my single Hex in the deck even more effective :)

    If I would play the deck I'd drop the strands of undeath and the ravenous rats. Sure, they work, but the deck would become more focused with some more dredge utility.
  12. depolarization Lover of Schmaltz!

    Dredge is a good idea if the deck' focussed around the mechanic. Dredge makes things like Svogthos the Restless Tomb happy.

    However I don't want to focus this deck on that. The purpose I had in mind with the design is to ramp-up my mana to 5 as soon as possible playing as many birds and sakura tribe elders as I can, with an early blackmail or two toss in the turns if capable.


    1- land - BOP
    2- land - sakura - play blackmail - sac sakura at end of opponent's turn
    3- land - vulturous zombie - pray they don't have removal
    4 - land - strands of undeath - play a rat - swing for at least 6 - keep bop open for regeneration


    Sure it takes about 7 turns or so for a kill and in that time many things can happen, but I think that B/G packs the most answers to destroying permanents out of any 2 color combinations (excpet for blue counter-bounce most likely).

    I even thought about packing land destruction like creeping molds and befouls and may sacrifice some of the hand-destruction for that should I find the deck not playing well in its current configuration.

    Anybody else have a take on B/G? I wouldn't mind seeing a nicely tuned dredge deck.

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