ATTENTION; Subterfuge Story line.

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  1. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    Alright, Me, Duke, Duster, and Multani, have formed the basis on what might be the story for a three cycle expansion.

    Now, this is obviously going to be a bit sketchy. We hope to fill in the details with your help. Anyway, heres the info:

    Set 1; Subterfuge
    Takes place in the town of ~this~. It is dominated and seized by an evil planeswalker. An assembly of Royal Mages fight and contain this Dragon Planeswalker. They dont know how to kill him, so they trap him in a cage of some sort. When they seal him, a small burst of energy comes out and hits a working man. He survives, but barely. It is belice to be the Planeswalkers last stroke and the man is considered a hero. The mages store the cage in Siberia. (Some land far away)

    *Fast forward to about 100 years later*
    An elite council of officials (White-Green) is in charge of operating and governing ~this~. They have horrific ways of keeping the peace. There known to make several purges per year, and that many who oppose them are exhiled to Siberia. They are currently fighting a war with the geurilla bandats that live in the mountains. (Red-Black) It finally breaks out that the leader of the council, Name, is a part of a secret occult life, in which he worships this Evil Planeswalker. Its also found that he is searching desperatly to find a way to release him, and that he's almost found the answer. Revolution is swift, and the dude and all his cult minions are exhiled to Siberia.
    Just so you know, Siberia has turned into a hellish place. A constant leaking of black mana from the Planeswalker cage has turned it ino a demon filled wasteland.
    Once the council is out, the rebels from the mountains take control. End.

    Set 2; (Villians? Up to debate)
    The rebels are in control, but the people do not want to be ruled by them. Many are simply mercaniers, and they just got into the war to find buisness. The people revolt, and chaos follows. ~this~ erupts in hundreds of small sections of Warlord held countries, all at war with each other. A blue guy (Name unknown), rises from the ranks and offers peace and prosperity. Some follow but he has to battle many of the warlords for control.
    Meanwhile, in Siberia, the Council Leader shatters the cage and finds in it nothing but a shell of a dragon. Its this shell that was emitting the black mana, but no planeswalker was in there. Before they can investigate more, refugees from ~this~ find him and kill him.

    The blue dude has just about reached stability, when an assasin kills him.

    Set 3; (Consume? Up to debate)
    Everyone is weak from the ongoing fighting, and the Rebels slowly fight warlord after warlord for land. Finally, the rebels gain control of all of ~this~. They know they cant hold control for long, for once the people get back up on their feet, they will complain (Like they did before).
    So the rebels do two things;
    A) They send a party into the depths of siberia, looking for the refugees to bring back. Its part of a plan to redem themselves in the peoples eyes.
    B) The leader starts experimenting in crazy dark rituals to assure him power, and the ability to kill anyone who opposes him. These rituals awake something deep inside him. He is drawn to siberia with his team. Near the Dragon corpes, he dies somehow, and his spark is lit. We find that the planeswalkes conciouness/spark was transfered in that last stroke 100 years ago. It was passed on to that man he hit, who happened to be the Rebel Leader's grandfather. The spark lay dormant in the bloodline, until the dragon's chance would come. The possesed guy killed the Blue Man, so that the country would be in chaos again. This crazy dragon rushes back to ~this~, and enslaves everyone. Again.

    Now, me and Multani worked a little bit more on this story since Duke and Duster last saw it, so I wanna see what they think. This is the version I sent to them, maybe you guys will like it more:

    Set 1:
    Some empire named ~Blah~, is being run by White and Green officials. These guys are doing alot to maintain law and order, some are horrific things. Mass exucutions, Concentration camps, purges...etc. Anyway, theres a black and red resitance group in the mountains that is fighting a gurriella war with them. We make up some events in which its clear that White/Green are the villian, and then the masses revolt, overthrowing the King/Emporer/Council. It ends with the revolution.

    Set 2:
    Its mass chaos. After the Council was overthrown, the Gurrillas try to establish control, but they are too weak the battle the hundred factions that have arisen. Warlords battle for control, and some sort of Big Warlord-Dictator arises, and takes control. This is where blue comes in, as the warlords are

    Set 3:
    Im not so sure about this one, but I think at least one main character should be a spy close under the Dictators wing. Im not so sure what the Dictator is going to do, and whats going to be going on with this set. Eventually, the good guys (Black/Red) will overthrow him, and they'll have the people on their side now so it will remain solid.

    A possible name for Set 2 would be "Villians"
    I dont know, what do you two think?

    Now, how closely do you guys want this story plot to tie into the set? Im thinking a couple of card names, maybe some legends and flavor text, but nothing big at all. Also, would anyone be interested of reading/writing this short story, or do you guys think it would be better as just a general outline?

    Ideas? Thoughts? Concerns? Prank phone calls? Threats?
  2. Thallid Ice Cream Man 21sT CeNTuRy sChIZoId MaN

    It should probably remain in an outline form (although some revisions should be made to it after names etc. are made).
    There is a general consensus on the boards that most people don't like stories that have too much to do with the sets, so little more than a 1-2 page long story synopsis should be made for each expansion.

    Now, we have several choices in terms of names:
    Should we take names from cards already made and give them to places/people/things pertinent to the story?
    Should we make new names for the story and rename cards?
    Or should we do a mix of these things?

    We have such a wealth of names that the first one would probably be all that was necessary - but then we'd need to explain the extra names. Also, there might be some sort of debate over which names get used.
  3. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Where do the Penguins fit in?
  4. Thallid Ice Cream Man 21sT CeNTuRy sChIZoId MaN

    Presumably, they'll be creatures from "Siberia"
  5. Landkiller CPA Menace

    let us not name things after the Weatherlight & company!!
  6. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Maybe you should pick a more fancible name than "Siberia" (and one not real-life) :)
  7. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    I tried to base this on things from history, mainly WWI and WWII. I just called it Siberia because Stalin exhiled alot of russians to siberia. We wouldnt actually call it Siberia:)

    Landkiller, were not.

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