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    This deck is in response to Griffith_se's thread in Single-Card Strategies.
    Notice that I say attempt, because this probably won't work. There's probably a viable strategy in here somewhere but I think I screwed it up.
    Here goes:

    Cloud Cover W/R/u (mostly W/R) Extended legal (I'm sorry, but that's the card pool I'm most familiar with.)

    Creatures: 14
    3 Standard Bearer
    3 Coalition Honor Guard
    3 Dwarven Patrol
    2 Skizzik
    3 Whirlpool Warrior

    Spells: 20
    1 Coalition Flag (I can search for this with the Wild Research.)
    4 Wild Research
    4 Pandemonium
    2 Illuminate
    3 Unnatural Selection
    2 Fact or Fiction
    4 Cloud Cover

    Lands: 26 (this deck would need a high land count)
    4 Tundra
    4 Plateau
    4 Volcanic Island
    6 Mountain
    5 Plains
    3 Island

    BTW, This deck would not work at all in Type II: no Pandemonium. The duals could of course be removed as well.
    I know that you usually make Type II decks, but I know next to nothing about strategy in the current Type II, and I just had this idea, so I decided to build a deck based on it.

    Presumably the opponent will use multiple spells that target things. When that happens, the Flagbearers (or any creatures I named Flagbearers) will be targeted. With Unnatural Selection I can use their burn against them, or make them bounce any particular creature I want.
    However, when I play the creature again, I use Pandemonium to deal damage. There is little danger of an opponent taking advantage of this, because they will be forced to target the Flagbearer, hopefully returning it to owner's hand.
    Dwarven Patrol has 4 power for 3 mana, which is helpful with Pandemonium, and its drawback is rarely a problem in this deck - if I want to keep it in play for some reason (instead of bouncing it), I can easily untap it by playing a non-red spell.
    Playing a Skizzik, dealing 5, and then attacking for 5 is fun.
    The blue is included for search, Unnatural Selection, and Cloud Cover.
    Possibly Goblin Trenches?

    The main problem is that this deck might have a bad mana base.
    Suggestions would be appreciated.

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