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  1. galtwish Loudmouth

    4 Gaea's Skyfolk
    4 Vodalian Zombie
    4 Temporal Spring
    3 Rushing River
    4 Stormscape Battlemage
    4 Ebony Treefolk
    4 Pernicious Deed
    4 Fact or Fiction
    1 Aether Mutation
    4 Spirit Monger
    4 Yavimaya Coast
    7 Swamp
    6 Forest
    7 Island

    4 Tranqulity
    other than that, no idea

    The deck is

    Outside of that, it could use some real tuning and explination as to the metagame (aka how well it handles the Lynx/Vindicate/SB'd Vodalian Zombie/Obsidian Acolyte decks)


  2. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    No consume strength?

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  3. galtwish Loudmouth

    Consume strength doesn't work very well against the following deck (which I think will for the skeleton of the environment's BearTempo deck, outside of a Kowal-esque U/G/x)

    2 Galina's Knight
    4 Meddling Mage
    4 Spectral Lynx
    4 Vodalian Zombie
    4 Prohibit
    4 Undermine
    4 Dromar's Charm
    4 Repulse
    3 Rushing River
    4 Fact or Fiction
    4 Coastal Tower
    4 Caves of Kolios
    7 Island
    6 Swamp
    2 Plains

    4 Gainsay
    3 Confound
    2 Dismanteling Blow
    3 Vindicate
    3 Rout

    This deck will probably evolve into something that is seen at a lot of PTQ's, sort of a No-Mar, but tempo oriented rather than pure card advantage oriented. Vindicate is only in there because people will play it to justify buying it. Rout and Blow are probably better for the deck.

  4. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    4x Pyre Zombie
    3x Nightscape Familiar
    3x Flametongue Kavu
    2x Thunderscape Master
    3x Ravenous Rats
    2x Shivan Zombie

    2x Annihilate
    2x Spreading Plague
    4x Breath of Darigaaz
    3x Ghitu Fire
    2x Urza's Rage
    4x Terminate
    2x Void

    4x Urborg Volcano
    10x Swamp
    10x Mountain

    Almost everything you draw is an answer to creatures of some kind. Pyre Zombie and Nightscape Familiar survive Spreading Plague and Breath of Darigaaz...speaking of which, Spreading Plague is nasty hidden 'tech', usually limiting your opponent to one, MAYBE two creatures in play. Annihilate is the cantrip version of Dark Banishing; expensive, but keeps you going through your deck. Rages are there to help get past all the blue in the environment; don't be afraid to Rage your opponent's creatures, though. Pyre Zombie can eat as many counterspells as your opponent wants to throw at him, and come back for more. Void, Terminate, and Ghitu Fire are all there for backup elimination, with the last functioning as a *possible* kill method. Save it unless you can kill your opponent with one good blast, though. Flametongue Kavu is just some good, Thunderscape Master provides steady life-draining, Shivan Zombie is a decent protective bear, and Ravenous Rats can draw a counterspell out and is a warm body if it gets something else.
  5. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    No Blazing Specter?

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  6. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Nope. Almost anything that flies eats it, almost anything that burns kills it, and almost anything that protects stops it...making 4x Blazing Specter into $15 you didn't need to spend.

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