Anyone up for Warhammer Quest?

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  1. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Melkor? What say you?
  2. Melkor Well-Known Member

    So what are my options again?
  3. turgy22 Nothing Special

    I think you can either play or not play.
  4. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Read post #7 for the basic choices of heros/characters.
  5. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Well, the group could most use someone with healing capability like the Wizard, Elf Ranger, or Warrior Priest. But anything should work really, so if you don't want to be a spellcaster, feel free to choose something else. Right now, Spidey has chosen to be a Dwarf, Mooseman has chosen and Elf, and Turgy has chosen a Chaos Warrior. The official characters not yet chosen are...

    Elf Ranger
    Pit Fighter
    Warrior Priest
    Imperial Noble
    Brettonian Knight
    Witch Hunter

    Whichever ones you're interested in, let me know and I can post the description and starting statistics (already done for the Barbarian and Wizard on post #7). Duplicates are also allowed, so if you really want you can be a Dwarf, Elf, or Chaos Warrior, although that would mean the group is less versatile than it could be.

    There are even customized warriors other people have designed. So if you're dying to be a vampire or something we can look into that. There are tons of options, but since I've never tested them, I don't know if they're balanced or not and might have to make some quick changes...
  6. Melkor Well-Known Member

    I'll be the Warrior Priest
  7. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Another one I've never seen in action. This should be interesting. Well, here he is...

    Warrior Priest

    Thousands of years ago, before the empires of Man arose, the Dwarfs were already an ancient and mighty race. Beset on all sides by Orc and Goblin hordes, the Dwarfs desperately needed allies to stem the evil green tide. They found them in the primitive human tribes living in the lands that would become known as the Empire. Many thousands of human warriors flocked to join the Dwarfs in the fight against the greenskins, and greatest of these was Sigmar, first son of the chief of the Unberogen tribe.

    In the countless battles he fought against the Orcs, Sigmar won the respect of the Dwarfs, and became known as the mightiest warrior of his time. As a mark of their respect and thanks for his aid, the Dwarfs gave Sigmar a mighty magic warhammer known as Ghal Mharaz, or Skull Splitter.

    After his defeat of the Orcs at the Battle of Blackfire Pass, Sigmar was crowned king of the lands that now constitute the Empire, uniting the human tribes together into one mighty realm. After fifty years of successful reign, he gave up his crown and journeyed east once more to visit the Dwarf kingdoms. He was never seen again and passed into legend.

    Eventually he came to be worshipped as a god, and the cult of Sigmar, led by the Grand Theogonist, became one of the most powerful religions in the Empire. The cult is based in the great cathedral at Altdorf, and Sigmar is widely recognized as the patron deity of the Empire.

    The cult of Sigmar has many cathedrals, temples and Churches across the Empire. Most towns or Cities will have a temple, and even the smallest village is likely to have some kind of shrine. Revered by the people. Sigmar is believed to be watching over them still, ever vigilant against the hated forces of Chaos.

    Sigmar's priests are seen as physical manifestations of his watchful presence. A Warrior Priest is a respected figure, and to have a member of one's family accepted into the priesthood is a great honour. Young men from all cities of the Empire make the arduous journey to Altdorf to petition the priesthood for one of the coveted places as an initiate in the cult of Sigmar. Those who are accepted are seconded to one of the larger cathedrals or temples to Study under the tutelage of the local priests. Their first tasks menial, tedious and arduous as they are taught the values of patience, diligence and selflessness. After many years' study, an initiate is sent way from his mastery or temple to go forth into the world in the name of Sigmar. With the fires of faith and conviction burning in their veins, these young priests are sent to minister to the people, to spread the word of Sigmar, and to stamp out the taint of Chaos wherever it may be found.

    Dressed in flowing robes, and always carrying their Holy Book with them. these missionaries of Sigmar deal out judgment and retribution with wise words as well as mighty warhammers. Some priests never return to their studies, but continue as travelling emissaries of Sigmar, bringing faith and hope to all they encounter. Others return after a period of months or years to enter Into the full priesthood a ordained priests of Sigmar, where they will serve in one of the temples or monasteries, working their way upwards through the ranks of the ecclesiastics.

    In the Warhammer Quest game, you are one of these young priests: you have finished your basic training, and have been sent out to find glory and honour in the name of Sigmar. Hence you find yourself joining the ranks of a band of Warriors heading for the caves and dungeons of the Worlds Edge Mountains. Their motives are largely treasure lust and gold greed. You like to think that that your motives are more worthy - although some treasure would be appreciated of course!

    Wounds: 1D6 + 7
    Move: 4
    Weapon Skill: 2
    Ballistic Skill: 5+
    Strength: 3
    Toughness: 2 (3 due to armour)
    Initiative: 2
    Attacks: 1

    Weapon: warhammer
    Armour: ornate breastplate gives +1 toughness
    Pinning: 4+

    Special ability: Blessings. Each Priest has a copy of the words of Sigmar and the teachings of his cult, as handed down first by word of mouth and then by scribe over the centuries. As part of his initial duties, each Priest has to hand scribe his own copy of this sacred work, to stand him in good stead once he is out amongst the heathens. The Holy Book contains many wise words, ancient prayers, blessings and texts. The power of Sigmar himself is said to reside in its hallowed pages, and each book is revered as a holy magic artefact in itself.

    Priests of Sigmar do not use magic as such, they are not natural wizards. However, each Priest's Holy Book crackles with the powerful energy of Sigmar himself. In battle, a Warrior Priest radiates confident power. He knows no fear. Sigmar is with him, guiding his hand and calming his mind. As a Priest grows more powerful, his faith imbues confidence in those around him, rallying the weary and rousing the fainthearted. The litanies, blessings and prayers in his Holy Book work the effect of magic on the hearts of men, goading them on to achieve superhuman feats.


    The power of a blessing, as the Priest calls upon Sigmar for aid, is linked, in some mystical fashion to the power of magic. This is represented in Warhammer Quest as follows: The Priest may attempt one blessing per turn. For the blessing to be successful, the player must roll a D6, add the Power phase roll for the turn to his score, and get a total of 7+. So. for example, if a 3 is rolled in the Power Phase, the Warrior Priest chooses his blessing and rolls a D6, scoring a 3. As 3+3=6, the blessing falls!

    The Priest may choose to cast the blessing on himself, or on any Warrior who is on the same board section.

    Rolling a 1: Whenever the Priest wants to make a blessing, he has to roll a dice, even if he has so many modifiers to the score that failure impossible. This is because if the Warrior Priest rolls a 1 for his Blessing dice roll, the blessing fails, no matter what other modifiers might apply at the time - a 1 is a 1 and always fails!

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