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Anyone up for Planechase?


Staff member
Well, there were some good planes and die rolls as well :)

Should we do this like Explorers and choose new decks? Going from losers to winner? Which would mean Melkor, Mooseman, me, and Oversoul?


The Tentacled One
I'm totally up for playing any of the other 2009 decks. Don't forget we can also do the 2012 Planechase product, which I think was an improvement on the original.

I don't think my deck got a fair shake
I agree. You had the most dynamic-looking and potentially powerful of the four decks, but you got unfairly wiped out because of the combination of Spidey's planes that came up and my big mana opener with Cabal Coffers. I knew I had to either kill you with Sokenzan or manage to planeswalk away from it before you got a chance to use it yourself.