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Anyone up for Commander?


The Tentacled One
It looks like all of the games I'm in here are on hiatus until Spiderman gets back. Mooseman and I were talking about potentially playing just regular old Commander, something I don't think we've actually done on the Games Run board in quite a while. Just wanted to see if we can get enough people make a real multiplayer game out of it. I know I've seen Ferret, Turgy, Melkor, and TomB around. Shoe, Killer Joe, and Shabbaman were around relatively recently but I think they only pop by on occasion? Ransac? SEALTEAMBILL? Whoever's interested, really...

I can try to build a deck to fit whatever power level is appropriate. I built like 40 Commander decks last year and several more this year (would be over 20 by now, but my local Commander League is shut down due to COVID-19).