Anyone see the Flyers'/Pens' game(s) last night?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ed Sullivan, May 5, 2000.

  1. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    'Game(s)' because it was actually the length of 2 and a half!

    5 overtimes, 153 minutes of hockey, game started at 7:30 and didn't end till 2:30 AM, longest NHL game ever (I think), only game to make it to 5 OTs.... and still 1/3 of the crowd stuck it out! WOW!!

    Anyway, what an AMAZING game! Bouch and Tugs :))) were amazing. I expect Sunday's game to play more to the Flyers' North American dump-and-chase style (as opposed to European pass-skate) because of fatigue.... except for Jagr of course.

    On Sunday, Flyers 4-2. Tuesday will probably be another long, hard-fought OT game (hopefully going to the Flyguys). I'm stickin' with my Philly in 6 prediction - at worst, 7. I'm pretty confident.

    Side note: Is it me, or does someone not want Big 88 back.. EVER?!?

    Anyone else a hockey fan?

    (Another side note: Looks like the Avs are going to come out of the West. I was actually expecting the Wings to beat them in 6 -- which can't happen now.)
  2. Apollo Bird Boy

    Actually, on Sportscenter this morning, I believe they said the longest game since 1936, or something like that, so it wasn't quite the longest, but close.

  3. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    Longest game since 1936, 3rd longest game ever :D
  4. Spaceman Spiff New Member

    5 OT's
    the players were like falling over they were so tired... :p
  5. arhar Member

    Hockey sucks!!!




    seriously though... I just can't stand watching them play like gods and losing because of the stupid goalie...

    But overall, I'm a hockey freak too!

    PS: Now if only Detroit had Hasek and Bure.... they'd be unstoppable!!
  6. TomB Administrative Assistant

    I caught part of the game myself, and it was excellent. I missed the end, though.

    And you're right, arhar. If Detroit had Hasek and Bure, they likely WOULD be unstoppable. Of course, I think that formula would work for almost every team in the NHL! :p

    I'm having real trouble staying into the playoffs myself, since the Blackhawks didn't make it in. Talk about your disappointing seasons... :(
  7. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    Well, I'm an insane Flyers fan :) (Notice the CPA's color scheme? :D)

    Yeah, Detriot would be unstopable with Hasek and Bure, but as Tom said, who wouldn't?

    ...or it could be Hasek and Jagr and they'd still win with only those two on the ice! :eek:
  8. Killer Joe Active Member

    I'm an old Penguins fan and right now, this is the best they've looked since the Dynasty days of the early 90's.
    Flyers will win.

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