Anthony Anolgis casual fridays...breaking sorrows path!

Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by Novastorm1, Dec 11, 1999.

  1. Novastorm1 New Member

    Ok I think that as casual players it is our duty to come up with the best way of breaking the terrible cards presented by Anthony Alongis casual fridays...

    This months card is Sorrows Path (Don't have a fit Ferret, i'm sure you have a deck built around this already :)

    Ok so I suggest we use grave pact, or creatures that get bigger when they are hit (I.e. get +1/+1 counters after they are hit)...i know there are some but i cant think of any. Creatures with toughness higher than 2 are necessary too, or possibly worship or crumbling sanctuary to protect yourself, combined with alternate milling strageties to kill your opponent.

    4 x Sorrows Path
    3 x Hannas Custody
    4 x Enlightened tutor
    4 x Mana Vault
    4 x Grim Monolith
    4 x Voltaic key
    2 x Crumbling Sanctuary
    2 x Grindstone
    1 x Phyrexian processer
    1 x Collossus of Sardia
    3 x Cho Manna revolutionary
    4 x Uncle Istavan
    2 x Worship
    1 x Pariah
    1 x Fountain Watch

    Ok thats a pretty bad attempt because it doesnt really use sorrows path enough and focuses on crumbling sanctuary too much...but it's a start.

    Ferret is the one to ask about breaking sorrows path...

    I want anyone who reads this to make suggestions and comments please...lets win that signed card for the cpa! :)

    Thank you

    "Rain from this storm leaves you pinned to the ground like an insect"
  2. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Way back when Stronghold was out, a friend of mine took it upon himself to break Mogg Maniac. He had En-Kor, Martyrdom, Earthquake, stuff like that. The objective was to take a Maniac, deal some damage to something, then Martyrdom it back upon the Maniac and blow someone up.

    Now, my friend didn't have any Sorrow's Paths, but this sure seems like an ideal addition to the deck! Seems perfect, in fact. Maniacs, Paths, En-Kor, Martyrdom, Cho-Manno, etc...

    Seems like it would work....

    (BTW, I actually got mentioned in the Security Detail contest! Yah!)

    --Zadok001, aka Greater Good fanatic
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  3. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Idea... Ya' know how Alongi seems to like Saber Ants so much? [IMG]

    --Zadok001, aka Greater Good fanatic
    CPA Member
    "We have more sprouts than they have hands."
  4. theorgg Slob

    since ferret WILL want to know about the contest w/o reading that (bad) colom,(and because I copied the announcement as soon as I read it)
    here it is.

    As promised, THIS MONTH'S CONTEST will begin a focus on older cards. (Please, newer players, don't let that keep you from taking a shot at the brass ring! I'm shooting for over 100 entries this month - more entries = more free tech for your bad cards!!!) This entry was recommended by MANY veteran players who have tried for a while to make it work - but to little avail. The card:

    Title: Sorrow's Path
    Set: The Dark
    Type: Land
    Text: Tap: Exchange two of opponent's blocking creatures. (This exchange may not cause an illegal block.) Whenever it is tapped, Sorrow's Path does two damage to you and two damage to each creature you control.

    Lotsa luck, folks! You have until the END OF THE MILLENNIUM, Central Standard Time, to enter. (Please, don't accompany your late submission with assertions that the real start of the next millennium is 2001, and/or the Chinese or Antarcticans have so many years left in THEIR millennia, and/or time is an artificial and imperfect construct that has no basis in the wider scheme of the universe, or whatever. I'll forward geeky stuff like that to your parents, so they can show it to your new date/fiancee/spouse/teenage children at an inopportune'll be worse than when they show those 3-year old photos of when you raced down the hall, nude, pretending you could fly like Superman.)

    Fame and fortune await. They're not expecting you any time soon, but they await.

    Ugh. Now I have to go get in my car, drive down to the local store, and buy one of these worthless things so I can give it away next month. Talk about a path of sorrow.

    COMING SOON: Holiday deck ideas, and a few extra funky deck formats. Also, how much does Bill hate Annul? You'll find out.

    Anthony Alongi

    I, personally was thinking some saber ants, fungusaurs, and spidersilk armor. mabe even some giant growths or similar to protect the creatures the first few turns. and some of the creatures that force blocking like the elephant and pigs.(forgot the name, too lazy to dig up apprintice right now.)

    I'm bigger than I think, I think.
  5. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Or you could try a version of Wakefield's Naturepotence deck, with Provoke. Nice synergy w/ Sorrow's Path there... Some card drawing, Saber Ants, Spidersilk Armor, Rancor, Fungasaur (stroke of genius there, Orgg), etc...

    --Zadok001, aka Greater Good fanatic
    CPA Member
    "We have more sprouts than they have hands."
  6. theorgg Slob

    what? fungusaur?

    'es a little too hard to keep alive the first hit, though. except with the armor. I think saber ants would be better than him. but this is the casual fridays guy. I think we should try to win this thing for ferret. he'd probably like the "special" sorrow's path for breaking it.

    SQUEE'S TOY! PERFECT FOR THE DAMAGE REDUCTION... Actually, power matrix may be in order. anything else like getting damaged... lets use apprintice... bogardan firefiend. that's it? well the "pigs" are crashing boars, and the elephant is trumpeting armodden. provoke may also work.

    and what about wandering mage? mabe.

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    I'm bigger than I think, I think.
  7. Ihsans Shade Blind god of all he sees

    Isn't their(or is it there, who cares?)A wall from Mirage that got bigger every time it survived combat, I think it is called Wall of Essence. Still would that work.

    "Not even the Baron in his tall tower is beyound my touch."

    Ihsan's Shade
  8. theorgg Slob

    some minor inconvienences:
    mr. along just but out an erratta to his artical.
    While I'm self-flagellating, a more minor oversight: in announcing the December Break this Card, Sorrow's Path, I did not use the newly errata'd version. D'Angelo lists the following:

    Text(DK+errata): {Tap}: Exchange the blocking assignments of two target blocking creatures an opponent controls. ~this~ deals 2 damage to you and 2 damage to each creature you control. (All blocks must still be legal.) [Oracle 99/09/03]

    a.. The damage is done only when it is tapped for its ability. [D'Angelo 99/08/01]
    b.. If a creature is removed from being a blocker of a specific creature, the abilities that would trigger because it was declared as a blocker still happen depending on the creature's blocking effect. [D'Angelo 99/08/01]
    c.. If a creature is added as a blocker to a specific creature, the blocking abilities of that creature do trigger. [D'Angelo 99/08/01]
    d.. Extended tournaments (see Rule D.15) have banned this card since 99/10/01.

    Several of the early entries have attempted to use Donate, Political Trickery, Rishadan Port, Icy Manipulator, etc. in their submissions. Based on the errata, these strategies are essentially disallowed. I believe I have already made a point of individually contacting these people and letting them know they may want to revise their deck lists. Of course, anyone can enter as many decks as they like; so no eligibility harm has been or will be done. Just get what you want considered in by 11:59:59 Dec. 31, 1999, please.
    Just a quick recap of submission guidelines:

    Include your real, full name, please.
    Include a full deck list (you can fudge the land mix a bit, e.g. "appropriate green/white land mana mix"; I'll live).
    Include FOUR copies of the highlighted card in the deck.
    Include a short (<200 word) summary of how you see the deck working.
    Decks should make a fair attempt at Type I, Type 1.5, or Type II legality.

    scratch political trickery. looks like green horde is the way to go.

    p.s. wall of essence doesn't work. wall of resistance, however... I'll correct my big post.

    I'm bigger than I think, I think.
  9. theorgg Slob

    Idea. vine trellis.
    this gets the larger critters out quicker and eisier.

    and what about general's regelia? pay 2, rederect the lethal damage to another critter.

    oh yea.

    martyrdom from alliances.
    Jade statue.
    Blood of the martyr.
    reverse damage...

    another obvious thing is to political trickery it to your opponant and tap it w/ icy or ring of gix. then untap it w/ burst of energy or emerald charm. and then the talismans from ice age...
    ( this doesn't work anymore. see below)

    and what about the card false orders? that may work to force a block. is there anything else that forces blocking?
    to apprintice!
    blaze of glory.
    marble priest(HA!).
    watchdog(ummm... donate, mabe?).

    what about +1/+1 for somthing?
    wow. lots.

    here's the possible things.

    afiya grove
    elven rite
    hunting moa
    ley line
    predatory hunger
    rushwood elemental(rotting treefolk)
    spike colony
    '' weaver
    '' soldier
    titania's boon

    battle frenzy


    sadistic glee

    chamelian spirit

    heart of yavimata
    Dragon blood
    Triskellion(all the +1/+1's going around)
    Nature's blessing
    warping wurm

    that's a big list, and all colors have somthing to offer, even blue. this will be tougher than I thougt.

    oh yea. not to mention the en-kors and mogg maniac/furnace of rath.

    how about the "all are jackle pups" card?
    (this is repercussion. I checked.)

    I will contenue editing this post as needed.

    [Edited by theorgg (12-13-1999 at 03:53 PM).]

    I'm bigger than I think, I think.
  10. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Ferret, oh Ferret... Where are you?

    Anyways, I've sent in two decklists to Alongi, one's the Mogg Maniac version, the other is a more defense oriented Saber Ants/Overrun deck with plenty of defense and numerous elves.

    I'm curious... Getting creative here, what about Lhyrgoyf? I don't think it's the best addition to the deck, but if we could run Elves, Rancors, and Lhyrgoyfs, we might just be able to win that way. Some of that green card that draws you cards for every creature in your graveyard. Basically, use your grave as a resource. Hell, Living Death might even fit. Any ideas?

    --Zadok001, aka Greater Good fanatic
    CPA Member
    "We have more sprouts than they have hands."
  11. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    Sorry folks, I've been off for three days and I don't have internet at home right now.

    I may have to do some scouring at home and make sure my deck is ready. I've been waiting to show everyone the power of Sorrow's Path for years - and now I can get recognition doing it...


    " know what I think? I think that Alongi goes to our site and steals our ideas..."
  12. Spart New Member

    I have a thought, how about using sorrow's path with creatures who have rampage. From my discussions with some rules people this should work nicely, though we're not sure. Go Ferret go!

  13. Enix_deaton Guest

    Ive completely broken Sorrows path , using donate(yeah but who really wants it) and Mind over matter. and opposition. It works for a long game but sligh kills it.

    Just Thought youd like to here
    Enix Deaton

    I cast Extinction. What Species? Pokemon.

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