Another Sky/Reap deck! (try not to laugh too much...)

Discussion in 'Casual Decks/Variants/Etc' started by Jigglypuff, Jun 8, 2001.

  1. Jigglypuff Big Cute Pink Thing

    I would like to point everyone to the post below entitled "Don't Fear the Reaper" so that everyone will know where I got the inspiration for this disaster from.

    Also, you can suggest any cards you want. I can probably find them and I usually don't play Constructed tournaments anyway.

    That said, hold on tight, it's gonna be a bumpy ride:
    4 Shifting Sky
    4 Reap
    4 Lotus Petal
    4 Counterspell
    4 Vampiric Tutor
    hang on, it's about to get really scary...
    1 Land Grant
    1 Morphling
    1 Pernicious Deed
    1 Radiant's Dragoons
    1 Mystic Snake
    1 Suffocating Blast
    1 Jester's Cap (anti-Legacy Weapon and Cromat, both of them are popular around here)
    1 Time Warp
    1 Vindicate
    1 Orcish Settlers
    1 Urza's Rage
    1 Disenchant
    1 Æther Mutation
    1 Death Mutation
    1 Lightning Angel
    1 Degavolver
    1 Cetavolver
    1 Necravolver
    1 Rakavolver
    1 Anavolver
    2 Strip Mine
    4 Undiscovered Paradise
    4 Bayou
    4 Savannah
    4 Taiga
    4 Tropical Island

    For those of you who actually stayed with me, you'll notice I managed to sneak in good cards like Urza's Rage and Mystic Snake. I would like to stay with this "1 of everything" idea, if you don't mind!


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