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    Author Name: Tony Boydell
    Article Description: A Song For Europe
    Article Type: Humour
    Bonjourno, Wilkommen, Bonjour, and Bien Venu...


    Seeing as I can't win anything CCG related, not even for toffee, I've decided to put my energies into a more lucrative and, given the general state of the Industry nowadays, easier pastime - that of writing songs. Of course, to ensure I exploit a market already burgeoning with potential clients (and to get this article published in the bloody first place - darn those web site 'thematic' policies), the subject matter shall remain Magic: The Gathering related.

    Track One: "Bad 'Tog, Dirty 'Tog; Get Into Your (Snake) Basket!"

    (to the tune of MAD DOGS AND ENGLISHMEN by Noel Coward)

    The tournament scene has recently been a bore
    When all of the players eschew
    All the colours except black and blue
    It's an archetype with too much hype for sure
    Because the deck is so consistent
    And one must avoid it's persistent lure
    Floata-mana, floata-mana, floata-mana do
    Floata-mana, floata-mana, floata-mana do
    Digga-digga, fact-or-fiction too
    Digga-digga, fact-or-fiction too
    A player grieves when opponents' 'heaves resolve
    Because it makes me want a revolv-er

    Bad 'Togs and Englishmen
    Scrub out in the early rounds
    The Japanese like Green/Blue
    The Chinese love Braids too
    Hindus and Argentines applaud some fertile Grounds
    But Englishmen hog Zevatog
    In the Pyrinees there are C.O.Ps
    To protect you from the pain
    In the heart of Texas there are combo decks us
    Britishers won't entertain
    The 'Day Two' pairings get an airing
    No limey's, there, are found
    Coz bad 'Togs and Englishmen
    Scrub out in the early rounds

    Track Two: Just Another Sucker on The Vine Trellis (Instrumental)

    Track Three: Our House by Madness (incorp. loads of Madness spells)

    Father draws his Squirrel Nest
    Mother's cast a Gurzigost, the kids are playing Chrononaughts
    Sister's mise-ing in Round 2
    Brother's got a PTQ and can't hang around

    Our cards, in the middle of our decks
    Our cards, in the middle of our…

    etc to fade

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