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    Should Five-Color be about throwing the best 130 cards you have in the 30 cards you own off the restricted list along with 90 or so land, or should the focus be on making a deck archtype (or composite archetype)? I know Necro is insanely good, but all the permanent control and card drawing in the format lessens the impact of the Skull. Survival is obviously amazing in this format, but it is much more situational, and where it is good, an Oath of Druids deck would probably be better. The restricted cards are all restricted for a reason, but they tend to make the decks act a little like Spellfire: if you draw your amazing cards that everyone plays at the right time, you usually win. This has a lot more variety than Spellfire, and better strategies, but I am beginning to stagnate in my ideas.

    Necro- weenies (Negator, Flesh Reaver), "free" spells, land D, burn

    Oath- Control/counter with Morphling, Hellion, Feeder or Replenish/21 combo

    Living Death- Buried Alive, Bazaar of Baghdad, Frantic Search, Flux, etc to get to 1 of 8 Twilight's Call/Living Death

    Artifact deck- Mishra's Workshop, Mishra's Helix, Cathodian, Chimeric Idol, Ticking Gnomes, Juggernaut, etc. Takes advantage of colorless requirements by playing lots of LD-Geddon, Tec Break, Impending Disaster, Bed or Break, etc.

    Draw/Go- instant removal, Feeders and Bottle Gnomes, and 100+ counters/card drawers. Finish with Obliterate+Yawgmoth's Will.

    Anybody have anything else?


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