Angry Hermit, why didn't it live?

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  1. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    Angry Hermit. Elven Poachers, Deranged Hermits, and lots of squirrel tokens. Seemed like a great plan. BUT, after about a week, including taking some beatings, I discovered some great sideboard cards, that I am sure you all discovered as well. The key of the deck is four, eight, twelve, maybe sixteen little, actually BIG, squirrels pounding away at you via Deranged Hermit. Pop out a Tremor, and the hermit(s) die and then, after the +1/+1 bonuses are removed, all of the squirrels die. But, what if some of these guys gain flying. Enter, my personal favorite MM creature, Thrashing Whumpass. After I discovered these anti-hermit cards, I decided to enter a tournament without the sideboard cards and base the SB around tinker. I did play tinker 5th round (and won), but 4th round came the hermit. Without a plan, I lost 1st game. Due to a bad draw on my opponents part, I won the next game. 3rd game was close. After pounding him away with a rancored Vine Dryad, he attacks with everything, including a Fallen Angel. BUT, he didn't add up his squirrels right, and when he sacrificed everything to the angel, still had 2 life, him with 3, and me with a still-rancored Vine Dryad. I won, due to bad observation, but after that, hermit has given me NO problem.

    I just hope Coat of Arms doesn't become type 2 again

    Ransac, the guy with too much to say

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