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An awkward day



This has been an awkward day. It all started last night when I was talking on AIM (my new sn is AFImastermind by the way) with a girl that I had liked a lot for a while and recently found out that she liked me. So in this conversation I ended up aking her to the prom (which I think it's a little early but her best friend was hounding me). I end up chating with her for over an hour, while being my charming self. Anyways, today I go to school, thinking it would be a great day with my new girlfriend, when I found out someone I knew had died in a car crash last night. Now I have these two conflicting emotions running in me, saddness over the loss of someone I knew and happiness over my new girlfriend who I like a lot. So basically I have been walking around with a weird mix of these two emotions and thinking of Yin and Yang, how you can't have good without evil. I guess time shall heal wounds and order and balance shall be restored to the universe once again.


Erks. That's gotta be confusing... How to respond? Congradulations, or "Sorry, man..." :confused:


Kinda makes you feel like you have no control over your life, doesn't it?

I guess all you can say is aloha! Bye to the friend, hello to the girlfriend.

Turtlewax Joe

Sorry to hear about the friend:( But I'm glad to hear about the significant other:)

In times like these look to your girlfriend as an escape and some happy times. Maybe she can help you threw this.

Try not to forget about the guy who died but think of the good times