An Announcment


Ladies and Gentleman of the CPA. I have quit magic, offically. I feel theres no point now, to stick with the CPA. I would like to say bye to all the great friends i made, like Cateran Overlord, Apollo, ZAdok, the list goes on. And the enemies, Istanbul and Almindhra. I had a great experience here, thanx for the laughs guys. Cya around.
Good bye garfobo, the fire's gone out :(

Now what shall I warn new members about if not the on-fire thing (okay, so that stopped a while ago, but the memories are forever).

Enjoy the real world! :cool:


The Mad Scientist
so long, good bye, sayonara. I didn't know you very well, in fact I didn't know you at all, but goodbye.


Memento Mori
That sucks!
I never talked to you before, but we share the same properties:)!
I wish you happy leaving, and wish you great life.

I hate seeing people leave, for any reason, even if I don't know them that well.

Don't hesitate to come here to ask any question, we will always be there to answer:).

Good bye, and remember, don't think bad of life, because it's your thinking that makes it what it is. Always be cheerful, and always have fun. Never stop having fun. Always laugh. Always be happy.
You'll never know what could happen in this random world:).

Good bye, again:).


Bird Boy
No, no, no. The Devil/Fading is supposed to be the one that leaves every week.

Well, I'm really sorry to see you go. Don't ever be afraid to come back, even if it's just to say hi. Hopefully, the Magic "flame" (pun intended) will catch you again and you'll find yourself returning. I'm always sorry to see someone go, especially someone that's been here as long as you.

It was cool to see my name on your "friends" list. The same goes for you.

Good luck, and hopefully I'll see you again.



CPA Founder, Greater Good
Apollo has it figured out, you aren't one of the on/off-ers. :( Sorry to see you go, it's always a disapointment to see any member of the CPA fade out of the game... Good luck with whatever you go into next... No one else quit, k?


Memento Mori
First, you are a Greater Good Fanatic.
Second, you are probably, the nicest gut on the web.
Third, you care about others.

It's nice to have a moderator such as yourself.
I'm not being sarcastic or funny (note the no smilies).

Cheers for Zadok, and for all those who gave Magic time and money to make it what it has became today! Cheers for Garfobo! Cheers to the Magic players!


New Member
hey sorry to see ya go man.hey just outta curiousity though did you get my money order for that tutor man ive been waiting for awhile man just let me know ok thanks


New Member
This is so serious, this forum isn't for serious stuff! I came here looking for a laugh and now everyones sad! DAMN!