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    This is what I think is the final evolution to a deck I threw together out of trash a little while back when I first started playing again. I have played against enough bad sligh/red weenie/goblin/burn decks to come to the conclusion that unless you really know what you're doing, or net-decking hard there is a better alternative. We've all seen these types of decks. I remember back in the days of Tempest when I used to beat the living crap out of bad Sligh decks played by kids who could only afford 1 cursed scroll and didn't have the guts to play Jackal Pups or Fireblast. I still see them and beat them all the time. Sure they win the odd game, but how many times do you get Lava Spiked, or have Shock cast on you when you have a 2/2 on the board. I've seen tournament decks that can win like that, I have not seen a less than tournament deck that could.

    My solution, add black

    This is the current(final?) evolution of the deck

    4 Mogg Fanatic--you all know and love him
    3 Carnophage--only have 3. Red does not have a 1 drop this good.
    4 Mogg Flunkies--I love the people that laugh at this guy. In a beatdown deck with 25 creatures, this guy kills.
    3 Erg Raider--This card breaks people. Red has nothing like the three toughness of this guy, and if you're not attacking every turn with this deck, you're probably not going to win.
    2 Dauthi Horror--nice, but possibly on the way out for another Carnophage and Erg Raider
    3 Ronin Houndmaster--Best 3 drop haste in the game, wins straight up vs. 2/2s. The flunkies really need these guys, as these are a nice surprise drop when the Flunkies are your only creature.
    2 Nantuko Husk--an early addition, these have saved me way too many times to take out. Hard to kill, and you almost have to block them.
    4 Flametongue Kavu--Newest addition. Pure unadulterated death.

    Spells(Burn/Kill) (17)
    4 Lightning Bolt--Just has to be
    4 Incinerate (considering Magma Jet to replace)
    4 Terminate--Best thing about Red/Black is getting to use this.
    1 Fireball--Always like to have 1 for the big finish.
    4 Night's Whisper--another massacre card for this. The last thing you want this deck to have is more cards.

    Land (19)--should be more of the graveyards, haven't bothered to get more. I don't think Painlands work in this deck, and the Invasion taplands are just too slow. That being said, I really haven't had many mana problems with this deck.
    10 mountains
    8 swamps
    1 Lantern Lit Graveyard


    You will notice that there is not a single rare card in this deck. Also you'll notice that there isn't a single spell that costs BB or RR.

    I find that the black adds a lot to this deck. Night's Whisper gives the deck a card drawing aspect that pure Red just doesn't have. Carnophage and Erg Raiders are head and shoulders better than anything Red has for this sort of deck, by a large margin. And then there's Terminate. Sure, it doesn't double as player burn, but it kills without restriction and without drawback, and I think we all know how good that card is.

    Sure, a pure Red deck built right is better than this. But I have no intention of building that deck. I am a casual player. What I have found is that this deck works far better than the bad Red decks working without the scrolls/Jackal Pups/Ball Lightning that that sort of deck lives or dies by. This deck works a whole lot better, especially against the bad red decks, since a lot of them don't even pack the lightning bolts, and die horribly aginst Erg Raiders and Flunkies. This deck is also a hell of a lot easier to put together. I know, because I built this mostly as an afterthought, improving it with cards like Lightning Bolt, Flametongue Kavu, Carnophage, and Night's Whisper just because I was buying those cards on general prinicple. I've always found this sort of deck to work better being heavier on the creatures in the hands of someone who doesnt know (or care to know to tournament level) what they are doing.

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