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Alternative history of the Vintage B&R Lists


The Tentacled One
Came across this interesting (and quite long) article by Stephen Menendian: http://www.eternalcentral.com/histo...ve-history-of-the-banned-and-restricted-list/

While I'm not a fan of the article's overall format, it has some great insights and fascinating looks at the history of the game.

I do think that Menendian's picks are better than the ones WotC actually made (as he emphasizes himself, he has the benefit of hindsight). But the structure of his presentation gets a bit confusing because he tries to craft a narrative in which his preferred changes were made while also referring to real-world tournament results that didn't take place in his alternate universe. So trying to follow the narrative becomes tedious, but the details along the way make the whole thing well worth the read (if, like me, you're into this stuff).