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    I haven't played magic in several years but someone I know saw my cards and wanted to learn. I decided to play in a format that I would be not adept in so that each of us could begin fresh. I decided to play alpha only format. Deck construction rules are
    1)A deck may only consist of alpha cards.
    2)60 card minimum
    3)All cards are restricted to two copies per deck.
    4)No cards are banned except ante cards if you wish
    5)A player may an four mox cards in their deck
    No DCI card rulings and timeing issues are resolved. Use standard revised rules if you are more familiar with them. All card rulings must be ruled upon by the players.(You may want to play this with people you don't dislike)
    Without legends moat and abyss creatures feel renewed life.
    Two headed giant can become faintly viable again.
    Without juzam, ernam, serenedib
    Without ivory tower to use with forcefields.
    This is a very resticted format, but a lot of fun.
    Chaos orbs fly over the table and occasionally someone get a channel fireball aligned at their head. Mindtwists is great but twisters and wheels are everywhere. Powersink and stasis become splashable cards. Gauntlet of might raises its ugly head.
    Obviously you can play in this environment with revised copies or unlimited, beta, just as long as they were in the alpha set. I find however, if youve got the alpha's play them. The wording on the cards can be so arcane sometimes. Most of all have fun.

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